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"A centre of excellence in digital information management, providing advice and services to the library, information and cultural heritage communities."

UKOLN is based at the University of Bath.

A-Z of Projects and Activities

This page provides links to current and past projects and activities with a UKOLN involvement.

Note that * indicates that the Web content has been submitted to the UK Web Archive on 11 June 2013 and + that the content was submitted on 18/22 July 2013.

Current activities

  • Ariadne +: ejournal.
  • The International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC): an electronic journal entirely devoted to papers, articles and news items on the curation of digital objects and related issues. It features cutting-edge articles by key figures in the field, as well as reflecting the current mood within the digital curation community.
  • Research360: is developing a research data management infrastructure at the University of Bath that will address the long-tail of high quality small science characterised by applied research and academia-industry partnerships.
  • UK Web Focus +: Awareness, coordination and advisory services on Web development issues
  • IWMW +: Annual Institutional Web Management Workshop

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Past activities

  • Agent Cities *: deploying a schema registry as an ontology server for the Agentcities.NET Network.
  • Agora *: an eLib phase 3 hybrid library project.
  • Application Profiles Support project *: funded by JISC and aims to support the Dublin Core Application Profiles (DCAPs)
  • ARCO *: Augmented Representation of Cultural Objects.
  • ART Corpus *: the ART Corpus was developed by Aberystwyth within the JISC-funded ART project and consists of 225 manually annotated papers.
  • Cedars *: Consortium of University Research Libraries Exemplars in Digital ARchiveS.
  • Cerify *: UKOLN collaborates with Trinity College Dublin on this project aiming to increase engagement of the United Kingdom's HE and commercial sectors with the Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) and Current Research Information Systems (CRISs). It aimed to evaluate, test and demonstrate CERIF with four pilot UK HE institutions and one international commercial organisation (Thomson Reuters).
  • CIRCE *: resource organisation and discovery in subject-based services.
  • Collection Description Focus *: ensuring consistency and compatibility of collection description methods, schemas and tools across projects, disciplines, institutions and sectors.
  • Community Capability Model for Data Intensive Research (CCMDIR) *: a framework for assessing how capable a community is of performing 'Fourth Paradigm' (i.e. data-intensive) research, and for planning strategies to increase this capability at the principal investigator, institutional and funder levels.
  • CORES *: a forum on shared metadata vocabularies.
  • Cultural Heritage Web site *: UKOLN provided a range of support activities for the cultural heritage sector.
  • CRIS-OAR: Knowledge Exchange Project: to increase interoperability between CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and OAR (Open Access Repositories).
  • Cultivate Interactive *: a pan-European Web magazine for the digital heritage and cultural content communities within the EU's Fifth Framework Programme.
  • DC-assist: a metadata help utility.
  • DC-dot: a Dublin Core generator.
  • DCC Scarp Project: set up to discover much more about disciplinary approaches by substantial case studies based on an immersive approach.
  • DCMI Affiliate (UK) *: as part of JISC's DCMI membership, UKOLN acts as managing agent to plan and coordinate UK DCMI activity jointly with JISC.
  • Defining Image Access: requirements for interoperable discovery and delivery of image data.
  • DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries: UKOLN was a partner in this major initiative funded by the EU FP6 Programme. UKOLN work included Work Package 5>.
  • DELOS Newsletter: UKOLN edited the Newsletter of the DELOS Network of Excellence, a major initiative funded by the EU FP6 Programme.
  • DESIRE *: Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education.
  • DESIRE Metadata Registry: a demonstrator metadata registry.
  • DevCSI +: Developer Community Supporting Innovation
  • D-Lib Magazine: UKOLN mirror of this LIS journal.
  • DRIVER: an EC-funded project building a production quality testbed for a Europe-wide digital repository infrastructure.
  • EASTER (Evaluating Automated Subject Tools for Enhancing Retrieval) *: to test and evaluate existing tools for automated subject metadata generation; to understand better what is possible and what the limitations of current solutions are; to make subsequent recommendations for services employing subject metadata in the JISC community.
  • eBank UK *: supporting the scholarly knowledge cycle by describing and linking research data, provenance and scholarly publications.
  • eCrystals Federation Project: the project was led by the UK National Crystallography Service (University of Southampton) with core partners at UKOLN (University of Bath), the Digital Curation Centre (Universities of Bath & Edinburgh) and the Unilever Centre (University of Cambridge).
  • eLib +: informational Web pages for the Electronic Libraries Programme.
  • Enhanced tagging (EnTag) *: a UKOLN-led project, investigating the combination and comparison of controlled and folksonomy approaches to support resource discovery in repositories and digital collections.
  • EnrichUK: the gateway to a lottery-funded collection of 150 sites supported by the New Opportunities Fund.
  • ePrints UK *: UKOLN was home to the ePrints UK Project Manager.
  • ERIM *: a collaboration between the Innovative design and Manufacturing Research Centre (IdMRC) and UKOLN, both at the University of Bath.
  • Evidence, Impact, Metrics: this JISC-funded activity organised a series of events about evidence, impact and metrics and provduced a final report based on the ideas and issues discussed at the events.
  • Exploit Interactive *: a European Library and Information Science magazine.
  • FixRep: Enabling metadata triage *: project aimed at examining existing techniques and implementations for automated formal metadata extraction, within the framework of existing toolsets and services provided by the JISC Information Environment and elsewhere.
  • Full Disclosure *: a study for a national prgramme of retrospective catalogue conversion.
  • Gate-Z: a Bath Profile compliant Z39.50 relay developed in partnership with Intute.
  • Good APIs Project *: a JISC-funded project aimed at providing the sector with information and advice on the factors that encourage use of machine interfaces, based on existing practice.
  • GroupLog *: assesing the feasibility of offering a collaborative group work tool as a portlet.
  • HILT *: High-Level Thesaurus.
  • IMesh Toolkit *: an architecture and toolkit for distributed subject gateways.
  • Interoperability Focus: * UKOLN's Interoperability Focus team is responsible for exploring, publicising and promoting the benefits and practice of effective interoperability across diverse information sectors.
  • Intute Repository Search: showcasing the content of UK repositories by developing a search service.
  • Infrastructure for Integration in Structural Sciences (I2S2) *: aimed to identify requirements for a data-driven research infrastructure in "Structural Science", focusing on the domain of Chemistry, but with a view towards inter-disciplinary application.
  • MEG (The UK's Metadata for Education Group) *: an open forum for debating the description and provision of educational resources at all educational levels across the United Kingdom.
  • Metadata Forum *: the Metadata Forum aims to build a community around metadata, for all practitioners who use metadata in their work, at whatever level of knowledge.
  • MODELS (Moving to Distributed Environments for Library Services) *: a UKOLN initiative supported by the Electronic Libraries Programme and the British Library. It was motivated by the recognised need to develop an applications framework to manage the rapidly multiplying range of distributed heterogeneous information resources and services being offered to libraries and their users.
  • Open Archives Forum *: forum for European activity related to open archives and the Open Archive Initiative (OAI).
  • QA Focus *: funded by the JISC to support JISC's digital library programmes. QA Focus was provided by a partnership of UKOLN (University of Bath) and the AHDS.
  • Resource Discovery Network: Access to high quality Internet resources for the UK learning and research communities (relaunched as Intute)
  • RDN-LTSN partnerships: UKOLN provided technical coordination for the RDN/LTSN partnership activity.
  • REDm-MED: a collaboration between the University of Bath's Innovative Design and Manufacturing Research Centre (IdMRC) and UKOLN, to set up a research data management regime for the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Renardus *: Academic Subject Gateway Service Europe.
  • RepUK *: an aggregation of UK Open Access Institutional Repository metadata.
  • Repositories Research Team *: supporting the JISC Digital Repositories Programme and the JISC Capital Programme Repositories and Preservation Strand.
  • Repositories Support Project: building UK repositories and content.
  • Revealweb *: the national database of resources in accessible formats.
  • ROADS *: Resource Organisation and Discovery in Subject-based Services.
  • RSLP Collection Description *: enabling consistent collection description across Research Support Libraries Programme funded projects.
  • RSS-xpress: create, update and register RSS channels.
  • SageCite *: explored the foundations of a framework for citing disease network models and data processing workflows.
  • SCHEMAS *: Forum for Metadata Schema Implementors.
  • Scientific Data Application Profile Scoping Study *: a study determining the feasibility and utility of a Dublin Core Application Profile supporting the discovery and delivery of scientific research datasets.
  • Smart Research Framework (SRF): a project led by the University of Southampton and supported by UKOLN, LabTrove, STFC and Charles Beagrie Ltd to "enhance and deploy our existing Blog3 and LabBroker services to a shared virtual infrastructure/Cloud enables us to provide essential tools for research data management".
  • Start-up and Enhancement Projects Training (SUETr) *: the objectives of SUETr were to develop and deliver a series of comprehensive targeted training workshops and seminars for JISC Start-up and Enhancement (SUE) projects to address their shared concerns in a collaborative and practical context.
  • Stories from the Web: a Reader Development Programme now managed by Birmingham Library and Archive Services.
  • Subject Portals Project (SPP): developing subject based portals and producing a 'software tool-kit' for portal construction.
  • SWORD *: Simple Web service Offering Repository Deposit.
  • SWORDv2 Project *: funded by JISC, under the Information Environment 2011 Programme, to extend repository deposit to cover the wider scholarly communication infrastructure.
  • Tap into Bath: a source of knowledge about museums, art galleries, archives and libraries in Bath.
  • Technical Foundations +: informatiopn about technical issues relevant to JISC's development programmes.
  • TF-CHIC *: Cooperative Hierarchical Indexing Coordination.
  • Treasure Island: a model for integrating the Internet into children's services.
  • Terminology Registry Scoping Study *: a UKOLN-led project to analyse issues related to the potential delivery of a Terminology Registry as a shared infrastructure service within the JISC Information Environment.
  • WebWatch *: audit and monitor of design practice and use of technologies on the Web.
  • a Rapid Innovation project: a JISC-funded project exploring the automated extraction of information about community structures. It is led by UKOLN at the University of Bath, with the University of Minho as a partner.

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