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This page describes some of the activities undertaken by staff at UKOLN as part of the EU funded Agentcities.NET project

An Ontology Server For Agentcities.NET Project

The aim of this 6 month deployment project is to investigate the use of an ontology server in an interoperable agent network (agentcities.NET). The server provides a publication environment for the disclosure of metadata vocabularies and customised application-specific profiles of these vocabularies. The metadata vocabularies (also known as schemas or metadata element sets) may be regarded as simple forms of ontologies. In this registry environment, individual terms as well as whole vocabularies can be investigated for adaptations, local usages and relationships with other vocabularies. We are building on previous work within the SCHEMAS and MEG registry projects, and on our involvement in the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative's registry activity.

This project finished on 28th February 2003.


A demo of a web-based vocabulary registry (no longer available) showcasing the browsing and searching capabilites.
Acknowledgment: This demo is based on software developed in the MEG Registry Project.

Technical Report

References to Ontology Servers
Manjula Patel, February 2004

Technical Report

An Ontology Server for the Agentcities.NET Project
Monica Duke and Manjula Patel, October 2003

openNet Meeting, 17th Dec 2003, Oxford, UK

Ontology Servers and Metadata Vocabulary Repositories (Presentation)
Manjula Patel

European Semantic Web Symposium 2004

Paper -Knowledge discovery in an agents environment
Manjula Patel and Monica Duke - May 2004.
In: Christoph Bussler, John Davies, Dieter Fensel, & Rudi Studer, (eds.), The Semantic Web: research and applications, first European Semantic Web Symposium, ESWS 2004, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 10-12, 2004, proceedings. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3053). Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2004, pp. 121-136. ISBN 3-540-21999-4
Presentaion -Knowledge Discovery in an Agents Environment
Manjula Patel -12th May 2004
First European Semantic Web Symposium, Heraklion, Crete

Related Resources

Numbered Hypernotes on Web Ontologies in Hendler, J. Enhanced: Science and the Semantic Web, Science 2003 299: 520-521

UKOLN staff who worked on the Agentcities.NET project:

Manjula Patel, Technical Research and Development

Rachel Heery, Assistant Director (Team Leader, Research & Development)

Monica Duke, Software Developer

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