PRIDE: People and Resources Identification for Distributed Environments


This page describes some of the activities undertaken by staff at UKOLN as part of the PRIDE project.


The PRIDE project intended to develop a broker service to support the identification and delivery of information services over the Global Information Infrastructure.

The intention was for the PRIDE directory service to provide support for authorisation, registration & cost recovery and integration with other interfaces to library services. Such services are essential in networked service scenarios where:

  • the information and support services may be inside & outside the library domain;
  • the users may go anywhere for their service requirements;
  • the service providers may seek patrons anywhere.

More information about Project PRIDE is available from the project Web pages at:


Local PRIDE resources

UKOLN staff who worked on PRIDE

Lou Daly
Technical Development and Research
Andy Powell
Technical Development and Research
Ian Peacock
Technical Development and Research

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