Cooperative Hierarchical Indexing Coordination

The TF-CHIC and CHIC-Pilot projects are no longer active (the task force was active from 1997 to 1999). These page remain as a record of UKOLN's activities in these projects..


TF-CHIC was a TERENA-funded task force concerned with the coordination of harvesting and indexing network resources. Work in the task force built upon existing standards and technologies, such as those employed in Harvest and the DESIRE and ROADS projects.

The task force spawned the CHIC-Pilot project that set up a pilot distributed indexing service based on Whois++, Harvest, ROADS and Z39.50 technology.

  • A CHIC-Pilot demo search interfacewas developed but is no longer available.
  • A report on "Standards in the CHIC-Pilot Distributed Indexing Architecture" is not longer available.

UKOLN staff who worked on TF-CHIC

Andy Powell

Local Activities

Here is a list of some of the work that was undertaken by UKOLN staff related to the CHIC-Pilot project:

Archive of Project Web Site

An archive version of the project web site is available on the Internet Archive. On 21 March 2013 the project Web site had been crawled 43 times, dating back to 23 August 1999.

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