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About the Public Library Networking Focus

The Public Library Networking Focus was a national post (from 1996 to 2004) working in collaboration with MLA, the British Library and the higher and further education communities.

The aims of the Focus were to contribute to strategic, policy-making, awareness raising and development activities in the area of public library networking and lifelong learning.

The original post holder was Sarah Ormes who was followed by Penny Garrod. Following Penny's departure in August 2004 it was agreed with the funders that the post should be merged with UKOLN's Interoperability Focus team. This area of the Web site will no longer be developed, but will be kept for historical purposes. An archive version of this web page is available on the Internet Archive On 13 March 2013 had been crawled 160 times, going back to 1 December 1998.

Focus Activities

Networked Services Policy Taskgroup

Reader development: Web-based projects for children

Ebooks 2003

The following projects have received funding to trial and evaluate several ebook models in public libraries.

"Electronic books in public libraries - a feasibility study"

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames ebooks service: The London Borough of Richmond launched an ebooks service in March 2003.



Previous Project Work


An archive of the Public Library Networking Focus Web site is available on the Internet Archive. On 11 June 2013 this Web site had been crawled 149 times going back to 1 December 1998. The most recent archive was taken on 2 May 2013.

Note that this Web site is also available on the UK Web archive.

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