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Issue Papers

NB. These pages are no longer being updated

In collaboration with UKOLN and the Library Association, the Earl Networked Services Policy Task Group established this online archive of materials and briefing papers on key issues affecting the successful development and delivery of networked services in public libraries.

These papers may help to inform library authorities as they develop their own networking strategies.

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An E-book Primer.
Considers the challenges of integrating e-books into public library services. An E-book Primers

Going Digital: issues in digitisation for public libraries.
Exploring the various issues related to digitisation and the management of electronic content and services. Going Digital: issues in digitisation for public libraries

Internet Acceptable Use Policies
How a policy for acceptable public use of the Internet in the library can be developed and the issues affecting policy development and implementation. Internet Acceptable Use Policies

Partnerships and the People's Network
The role of partnerships in the governments Modernising Government agenda. Partnerships and the People's Network

Equality of Access
Addressing equality in public libraries. Equality of Access

Charging and Networked Services
An examination of some of the issues in the fee vs. free debate and a suggested policy framework for libraries.
Charging and Networked Services

Collecting Internet Resources
The issues for UK public librarians creating collections of virtual resources.
Collecting Internet Resources

Copyright and the Networked Environment
Addressing the problems of copyright and the People's Network, includes a brief outline of what copyright is.
Copyright and the Networked Environment

Internet Services
A look at the range of Internet services available, issues surrounding the provision of these services and the importance of having an acceptable use policy.
Internet Services

Introduction to Filtering
An explanation of what filtering is, how it works and why it is an issue for public libraries.
Introduction to Filtering

In the pipeline…
are a number of further networked services briefing papers covering such issues as:

  • Digitisation
  • Metadata
  • Partnerships
  • Resource Sharing
  • Security
  • Website Standards

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