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Project Aims

This project explored the extent to which the digitisation of community information resources in public libraries and the consequent networking of those resources will enrich the lives and opportunities of citizens across the country.

The outcomes of the project included a better-defined understanding of the structure and use of community information and hopefully will make a significant contribution to the development of regional and national models for networked co-operation. The project builds on research work already being undertaken by UKOLN and fosters the transfer of more theoretical research into the world of practical service delivery.

It also provided an effective demonstration of how electronic information resources can be relevant to the majority of the population and thus make a valuable contribution towards the concept of the Information Society.

The final report was published by Gloucester City Council.

Funding Body

British Library Research and Innovation Centre. This project was funded under the Digital Library Research Programme.

Project length

18 months: Autumn 1997-Spring 1999

Final Report

The final report was published by Gloucester City Council. Leech, Helen. CIRCE: Better Communities through Better Information. Library and Information Commission Research Report 1. The Library and Information Commission 1999. ISBN 1902394046. A MS Word file version is available via the Internet Archive