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The NOF-digitise Technical Advisory Service (TAS) was substantially reduced at the end of March 2004. After March 2004 residual support was provided mainly focusing on assisting projects achieve technical compliance with the published standards and guidelines. This work continued through to July 2004, whereupon the NOF-digitise TAS was wound up.

Good Practice for cultural heritage Web sites - The Good Practice Guide is the successor to the NOF-digitise Technical Advisory Service. It is housed on the UKOLN Interoperability Focus site and provides advice on standards and best practices to organisations involved in the development of cultural heritage Web resources and services.

The Web pages that have been built up over the last 3 years by the the Technical Advisory Service will remain accessible online and their URLs will not be altered. However, the pages are no longer maintained or updated and are now considered to be in an "archived" state.

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Further information about the nof-digitise Programme and Technical Advisory Service can be found further down this page.

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The NOF Digitisation Programme

This ambitious, nationwide digitisation programme, also known as NOF-digitise, provided funding to make learning materials available, free of charge, on the Internet. From programme inception in April 2000, it ran for 48 months until March 2004 when the final digitisation projects were signed off. The programme has unlocked the learning resources of libraries, archives, museums, galleries, colleges and universities, charities, voluntary organisations and others by converting them into electronic form.

The total allocated budget for the programme, 50 million,was spread over 150 discrete projects consisting of various partnerships between a total of nearly 500 diverse organisations throughout the United Kingdom. In March 2003 a search service, developed by Pete Dowdell at UKOLN, was launched to provide a user-friendly single point of contact to the programme material. Other UKOLN staff involved in the project were Marieke Guy, Richard Waller and Brian Kelly. For summary information of the content and scope of these projects, visit

The NOF-digitise Technical Advisory Service in brief

The NOF-digitise Technical Advisory Service (TAS) was run by UKOLN and the AHDS, on behalf of the New Opportunities Fund and in association with the People's Network. From June 2001 to March 2004 it provided technical support and advice to prospective and successful applicants for NOF-digitise funding.

The TAS were active in much of the NOF-digitise work, providing the following services:

  • Responding to technical queries received by email or telephone from projects and interested members of the public.
  • Making site visits to projects where closer, more consultative assistance was sought.
  • Updating and commissioning content on the TAS Web pages at, including a series of information papers, a comprehensive set of FAQs
  • Participating extensively in the workshop programmes, coordinating and delivering a lively and wide-ranging series of day-long sessions for the benefit of the participant projects.
  • Maintain custodianship of the programme technical standards, periodically issuing revisions to the published standards with the evolution of technology and Internet best practice.
  • Administration of various email distribution lists used to disseminate information between interested parties under a variety of technical topics - VR, GIS and language implementation, for example - as well as the programme public discussion list held at JISCMAIL
  • Filling an arbitration and advice role to the compliance process whereby all projects are assessed for technical compliance to programme standards. Where problems exist after the site has been assessed by technical staff at Becta, the TAS investigates and proposes solutions to outstanding non-conformities.
  • Advising NOF staff over a range of technical issues


An archive of the NOF-digitise Technical Advisory Service Web site is available on the Internet Archive. On 5 June 2013 this Web site had been crawled 101 times going back to 17 June 2001. The most recent archive was taken on 25 January 2013.

Note that this Web site is also available on the UK Web archive.

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