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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is maintained by the support service. These questions and answers have been asked by nof-digitise applicants.

FAQs sorted by separate subject areas. Select a link to review that area's questions

  • Web site design - covering navigation, standards, accessibility, scripting languages etc.
  • Legal Issues - covering copyright and licences etc.
  • Hardware and Software - Covering servers, scanners, cameras, firewalls etc.
  • File Formats - covering PDF, image formats, moving image formats, sound formats, HTML, XHTML etc.
  • Metadata - covering standards, Dublin Core (DC), Learning Object Metadata (LOM), preservation metadata etc.
  • Digitisation - covering CDs, watermarking, storage etc.
  • Compliance Corner - covering compliance issues and meeting technical standards.
  • Miscellaneous - covering any miscellaneous areas.

Full set of FAQ's for printing purposes

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