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Online Help

A number of online help resources will be made available from this page. Keep checking the site regularly to see what new resources have been added.


A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be maintained by the support service. Make sure that you check here first before asking your question - you may find that someone else has already asked it and received an answer. Although we will publish some of the questions we receive and the answers we supply, we will not publish details of the organisation or bid who submitted the query.

Information Papers

The Advisory Service will commission a number of information papers about relevant technical topics for nof-digitise. These papers will be written by relevant experts and will be made available in the next few months. 

Useful Pointers

There are a large number of organisations who make freely available on the Web useful papers, FAQs and information pages about developing and managing a digitisation project.  Some of these resources will be extremely useful when developing your proposal.

Latest Standards

nof-digitise stage two applicants must incorporate the programme's technical standards in to their bids. The Standards document is available on the People's Network Web site and may be updated during the application period. It is unlikely that these updates will impact greatly on any project but will instead ensure that the latest good practice is incorporated in all developing projects.

Mailing Lists

As of April 2004 we no longer actively support the mailing lists for the digitisation programme.

This list was set up at JISCmail by UKOLN to provide NOF-digitise applicants with a means to to share experiences and knowledge with each other. The list was also used to keep applicants informed of the latest developments on this website and other programme announcements.

An archive of messages sent to is available at

status: closed

status: closed

status: closed

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