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This page describes some of the activities that were undertaken by staff at UKOLN as part of phase 2 of DESIRE (Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education).


The European Commission (DGXIII) funded the DESIRE (Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education) project under its Telematics Applications Programme. DESIRE was concerned with enhancing existing information networks for research users across Europe. Phase 1 of the project (1996-98) covered a wide range of topics including cataloguing and indexing, caching, security issues and training. Phase 2 (1998-2000) had three main areas of activity: caching, resource discovery and directory services. Phase 2 finished at the end of June 2000.

UKOLN's involvement in DESIRE II was primarily concerned with resource discovery. This activity was part of Work Package 3 (WP3) on Indexing and Cataloguing. Other partners in DESIRE II WP3 included:

  • Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), University of Bristol [UK]

  • Department of Library Research, Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Netherlands)

  • Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe Ltd. (DANTE) [UK]

  • SURFnet bv [Netherlands]

  • NetLab, Lund University Library Development Department, University of Lund [Sweden]

  • Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) [Netherlands]

  • Computing Centre, Brunel University [UK]

Further information about DESIRE is available from the project's Web pages at:


Further information about UKOLN's involvement in phase 1 of DESIRE is available from:




Within WP3 (Indexing and Cataloguing), UKOLN's contribution to DESIRE II was in the following main areas:

Quality Ratings and RDF

Final: Quality Ratings in RDF [report] - Dan Brickley, Tracy Gardner, Rachel Heery and Debra Hiom. Deliverable 3.1 (February 1999).

Draft: Quality Ratings Implementation [software prototype and documentation] - Tracy Gardner (with input from Rachel Heery and Andy Powell) . Deliverable 3.2 - Part 2 (June 1999).

Information Gateways Handbook

In order to support the DESIRE vision of a network of European cross-searchable information gateways, WP3 produced the DESIRE Information Gateways Handbook. The handbook is designed to support libraries and other organisations who are interested in setting up large-scale information gateways on the Internet. It offers a step by step guide and points to tools, examples and documentation, which can support the process of setting up a gateway. It is divided into three sections to reflect the separate managerial, information and technical concerns associated with building a gateway.

DESIRE Information Gateways Handbook - Edited by Martin Belcher, Virginia Knight and Emma Place. Deliverable 3.4 (1999).

Metadata Registry Framework

Registries are potentially important for ensuring interoperability between services in a network environment. As part of DESIRE II, WP3 implemented a pilot metadata registry.
<URL:> [live registry no longer available]

DESIRE Metadata Registry Framework [report] - Rachel Heery, Tracy Gardner, Michael Day and Manjula Patel. Deliverable 3.5 (April 2000).

UKOLN staff who worked on DESIRE

Michael Day
Research Officer
Tracy Gardner (Left UKOLN, January 2000)
Technical Development and Research
Rachel Heery
Assistant Director (Research and Development)


Manjula Patel
Technical Development and Research
Andy Powell
Technical Development and Research

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