Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Andy Powell left UKOLN on 9 December 2005

Job Title

Assistant Director, Distributed Systems and Services

Contact Details

University of Bath,
tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3933
mobile: 07989 476 710
fax: +44 (0) 1225 38 6838
NIC handle: PC153

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The Job I do

I am Assistant Director (Distributed Systems and Services) at UKOLN, University of Bath where I have two main roles - firstly as advisor to the JISC about the technical architecture of the JISC Information Environment and secondly as Systems and Interoperability Manager for the JISC-funded Resource Discovery Network (RDN). I have recently been heavily involved in specifying the technical standards that underpin collaborative activities between the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) and the RDN, based largely on the IEEE Learning Object Metadata standard and the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. I have been active in the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative for a number of years and am a member of the DC Advisory Board and the DC Usage Board as well as being current chair of the DC Architecture Working Group. I was also a member of the Open Archives Initiative technical committee and am currently a member of the JISC/Publishers' Association (PALS) Metadata and Interoperability Working Group. I previously worked in the University of Bath Computing Services (BUCS) and continue to take an active interest in the provision of university computing, library and elearning-related services through membership of the University of Bath Information Services Committee.

I am the 'creator' of DC-dot, a Web based tool for generating, editing and reformatting Dublin Core metadata, DC-assist, a Dublin Core help utility, OpenResolver, an OpenURL resolver demonstrator and RSS-xpress, a tool for creating RSS feeds.

Further Information

See my curriculum vitae.

Other information, including a list of software, publications and presentations can be found on my personal home page.


Committee Membership

I am a member of several international and University of Bath committees:

  • Dublin Core Advisory Board (member)
  • Dublin Core Usage Board (member)
  • Dublin Core Architecture Working Group (chair)
  • DLF Abstract Service Framework Working Group (member)
  • JISC/DEST e-Framework Development and Maintenance Group (member)
  • OCLC Research Advisory Committee (member)
  • British Library Technical Advisory Panel (member)
  • JISC PALS Metadata and Interoperability Group (member)
  • JISC Distributed eLearning Advisory Board (member)
  • UK eGovernment Metadata Technical Working Group (member)
  • ODRL/DCMI Profile Working Group (co-chair)
  • University of Bath Acceptable Use of Computing Facilities Committee (member)

I have previously been a member of the following:

  • IMS Digital Repositories Working Group (invited expert)
  • Open Archives Initiative Technical Group (member)
  • University of Bath Information Services Committee (member)
  • University of Bath Web Editorial Advisory Committee (member)
  • University of Bath Campus Information Service Group (chair)
  • ECDL 2003 Programme Committee (member)
  • DC2003 Tutorial Track Chair

I am also the Chair of Governors at Newbridge Junior School in Bath.

Selected and Recent Publications

Notes about possible technical criteria for evaluating institutional repository (IR) software
December 2005
[PDF version]

Content packaging and MPEG-21 DID
JISC All Projects Meeting, Cambridge – July 2005

To name: persistently: ay, there's the rub
DCC Persistent Identifiers Workshop, Glasgow – June 2005

Resource Discovery Landscape
Paper and presentation to the Joint JIIE/JCS Meeting, London - May 2005

The JISC Information Environment and Google
A discussion paper for the JISC - Nov 2004

Encoding DC in XHTML, XML and RDF
ECDL 2004 Tutorial, Bath - September 2004

Guidelines for assigning identifiers to metadata terms
Andy Powell - August 2004. DCMI Working Draft

DCMI Abstract Model
Andy Powell, Mikael Nilsson, Ambjorn Naeve and Pete Johnston - March 2005. DCMI Recommendation

Improving the Quality of Metadata in Eprint Archives
Marieke Guy, Andy Powell and Michael Day - January 2004. Ariadne Issue 38

Metasearching - an overview
BCS Metasearch Day, Oxford - July 2004

Web Services and the JISC IE
JISC All Programmes Meeting, Brighton - July 2004

Digital Library and MLE integration - where are we now and where do we want to be?
UCISA TLIG-SDG, Exeter - April 2004

Guidelines for encoding identifiers in Dublin Core and IEEE LOM metadata
Andy Powell, Pete Johnston Lorna Campbell and Phil Barker - May 2004

RDN/LTSN Partnerships: Learning resource discovery based on the LOM and the OAI-PMH
Andy Powell and Phil Barker - April 2004. Ariadne Issue 39

Open for Business - Open Archives, OpenURL, RSS and the Dublin Core
Tutorial at UKSG, 2004, Manchester - March 2004

The JISC Information Environment and Collection description
UN/WHO HIV/AIDS meeting, Geneva – May 2003

Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML
Andy Powell, Pete Johnston - April 2003. DCMI Recommendation

The PURL-based Object Identifier (POI)
Andy Powell, Jeff Young, Thom Hickey - April 2003 (final draft)

Identifiers for learning objects - a discussion paper
Andy Powell - April 2003

RDN/LTSN LOM application profile
Andy Powell - April 2003

JISC IE Architecture - external trends and their potential impact
JISC Development Day, London - April 2003

Using simple Dublin Core to describe eprints
Andy Powell, Michael Day and Peter Cliff - March 2003

JISC Information Environment Architecture Standards Framework
Andy Powell - April 2003

Electronic arts and the Open Archives Initiative
Dutch Electronics Arts Festival, Rotterdam – February 2003

A brief overview of the OAI Protocol and its potential impact
ICSTI/INIST/InSERM Joint Meeting, Paris – January 2002

RDN Interoperability and Standards Framework
Andy Powell - November 2002

5 step guide to becoming a content provider in the JISC Information Environment
Andy Powell - October 2002. Ariadne Issue 33

Namespace Policy for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
Andy Powell, Harry Wagner (eds) - November 2001. DCMI Recommendation

OpenResolver: a Simple OpenURL Resolver
Andy Powell - June 2001. Ariadne, Issue 28.

IMS Digital Repositories White Paper
(contributor) – August 2001

nof-digitise Technical Standards and Guidelines
(contributor) – August 2001

The DNER Technical Architecture: scoping the information environment
Andy Powell, Liz Lyon - May 2001. JISC study.

An OAI Approach to Sharing Subject Gateway Content
Andy Powell - May 2001. Poster paper, 10th WWW conference, Hong Kong.

Encoding OpenURLs in Dublin Core metadata
Andy Powell, Ann Apps - March 2001. Ariadne, Issue 27.

RSLP Collection description
Andy Powell, Michael Heaney, and Lorcan Dempsey - September 2000. D-Lib Magazine, September 2000.

Discussion paper - A UK e-Government Metadata Framework
A discussion paper prepared for the Metadata Working Group of the Information Age Champions - April 2000

Metadata for the Web - RDF and the Dublin Core
New Networks, Old Information: UKOLUG98 Conference, Manchester 14-16th July 1998. ISBN 1 870254 11 2