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UKOLN are no longer involved in the NewsAgent project. These pages provide a record of our activity in previous phases of the project. Please see the LITC NewsAgent Web site for up to date information about the NewsAgent project.


NewsAgent for Libraries is a project in the Electronic Journals area of the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib). The aim is to create a current awareness service for library and information staff feeding information from a variety of sources to a user-configurable selection of electronic news 'channels'. Content will include refereed and other papers, reviews and editorial matter from the most highly respected UK journals in the field, including Program, VINE, Ariadne and the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. News and briefing materials will be provided by The Library Association, the Institute of Information Scientists, the British Library, and LITC, which already produce printed publications in this field and which are all developing Web sites in addition.

More information about NewsAgent is available from the project's Web pages at


UKOLN staff working on NewsAgent

Andy Powell
Technical Development and Research

Resource Description

Resources made available to NewsAgent will be described using the Dublin Core metadata element set. UKOLN are actively involved in the design of the system, particularly the metadata aspects of the system, which will be implemented by Fretwell Downing based on their existing DALI software. We are responsible for running the NewsAgent server and will be providing content in the form of the Ariadne newsletter.

Documentation and Examples

Here are links to some of the work that UKOLN has been doing on NewsAgent:

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