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Application Profiles Support Project

The Application Profiles Support Project was funded by the JISC from September 2008 to February 2011.

What are application profiles?

Application profiles (APs) are in essence metadata vocabularies built from terms drawn from pre-existing metadata schemas and adapted for the needs of a specific application or resource type, and may also define a structure upon which information about a resource is organised. The Application Profiles Support project aimed to support the use of application profiles including but not limited to the JISC-funded Dublin Core Application Profiles (DCAPs):

SWAP - Scholarly Works Application Profile (Talat Chaudhri, UKOLN, University of Bath)
GAP - Geospatial Application Profile (James Reid, EDINA)
IAP - Images Application Profile (UKOLN, University of Bath)
TBMAP - Time-Based Media Application Profile (Gayle Calverley, University of Manchester)
LMAP - Learning Materials Application Profile scoping study (Phil Barker, JISC CETIS)
SDAPSS - Scientific Data Application Profile Scoping Study (Alex Ball, UKOLN, University of Bath)

(Contacts and/or maintainers are indicated in brackets.)

Project aims

The project aimed to co-ordinate the further development and implementation of these DCAPs in both repositories and other services that deliver the relevant resource types as Web content, and to investigate the potential benefits of a common core metadata set and entity model in terms of interoperability. For this purpose, it also assessed the feasibility of complex metadata models in institutional repositories for acquiring and maintaining high quality metadata.

It also sought to inform and develop good practice, and to study the possible uses of application profiles more widely through engagement with the user communities and domain experts. It was particularly focussed on practical engagement with repository managers and the developers of the major repository platforms.


The project was based at UKOLN in the University of Bath. Talat Chaudhri was the principal researcher on the project. Details of project activities are available on the project blog.


An archive of the Application Profiles Support Project Web site is available on the Internet Archive. On 11 June 2013 this Web site had been crawled 18 times going back to 4 September 2009. The most recent archive was taken on 12 March 2013.

Note that this Web site is also available on the UK Web archive.