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This page is part of the JISC Digital Repository Wiki. It is used to support the activities of a UK (JISC) working group which developed a Dublin Core Application Profile for describing scholarly works (eprints) held in institutional repositories. This work was undertaken within the JISC Digital Repositories programme and coordinated by Julie Allinson (UKOLN, University of Bath) and Andy Powell (Eduserv Foundation) during 2006. Community acceptance activities continue.

For an overview of the application profile, see Allinson, Julie, Johnston, Pete and Powell, Andy. 'A Dublin Core Application Profile for scholarly works'. Ariadne, vol. 50, January 2007 (http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue50/allinson-et-al/).

Scholarly Works Application Profile

The profile was originally called the 'Eprints Application Profile', but this name has now been superseded by 'Scholarly Works Application Profile' (SWAP) - the two profiles are synonymous.


The objectives of the working group are to develop:

  • a Dublin Core application profile for eprints (see definition below);
  • any implementation / cataloguing rules, that might be necessary to support functionality offered by the search service, such as fielded searches of the metadata or indexing the full-text of the research paper;
  • a plan for early community acceptance and take-up, bearing in mind current practice.

In the context of this work an eprint is defined to be a scientific or scholarly research text (as defined by the Budapest Open Access Initiative), for example a peer-reviewed journal article, a preprint, a working paper, a thesis, a book chapter, a report, etc.

The use of the term 'eprints' is not intended to suggest any affiliation with eprints.org software; the application profile does not recommend or specify any repository software.


Functional requirements


Application profile and Description Set Profile

The following is a rendering of the Scholarly Works Application Profile with the addition of constraints from the Dublin Core Description Set Profile [DCMI Working Draft].

Community Acceptance Plan

Vocabularies and Terms


Syntax encoding guidelines

Other documents


  • Develop a functional requirements specification, outlining what kinds of functionality the application profile is intended to support. (draft by mid-May 2006, completed by mid-June 2006)
  • Develop a simple eprint entity-relationship model on which the application profile can be based. (draft by mid-May 2006, completed by mid-June 2006)
  • Develop a Dublin Core application profile corresponding to the model. (draft by mid-May 2006, completed by end of June 2006)
  • Stakeholder kick-off meeting (late May 2006, to consider pre-prepared drafts above)
  • Develop a set of simple cataloguing guidelines for each of the properties in the application profile. (draft by mid-June 2006, completed by mid-July 2006)
  • Liaise with the DC Architecture WG and the DC Citations WG to ensure overall compatibility with the DCMI Abstract Model and that citations are handled correctly within the application profile. (Ongoing until end July 2006)
  • Set up DCMI Eprints Working Group, to carry work forward and engage with wider community. (Ongoing during July 2006 and beyond)
  • Develop plan for early community acceptance and take-up (draft by end of June 2006, complete by end of July 2006)

All work will be undertaken through a working group mailing list, one or two face to face meetings and this Wiki.

Working group

The following people have joined the first iteration of the working group:

  1. Julie Allinson (Coordinator/UKOLN)
  2. Andy Powell (Coordinator/Eduserv Foundation)
  3. Phil Cross (RDN)
  4. Linda Kerr (RDN)
  5. Jessie Hey (eprints Southampton)
  6. Jim Downing (DSpace Cambridge)
  7. Bill Hubbard (SHERPA)
  8. Chris Awre (Linking Repositories Study / Fedora)
  9. Philip Hunter (IRIScotland)
  10. Pete Johnston (Eduserv Foundation)
  11. Andrew Wilson (AHDS)
  12. Ann Apps (MIMAS)
  13. Robina Clayphan (British Library)
  14. Frances Shipsey (LSE, Versions Project)
  15. Greg Tourte (UKOLN, RDN)

Feedback group

The feedback group will engage in discussion about the work via a JISCMAIL discussion list. The group includes:

  • Rachel Heery (UKOLN)
  • Chris Gutteridge (eprints.org)
  • Neil Jacobs (JISC)
  • Brian Matthews(CCLRC)
  • Catherine Jones (CCLRC)
  • Gordon Dunsire (CDLR)
  • Dennis Nicholson (CDLR)
  • Mark Merifield (Biomed Central)
  • Theo Andrew (DSpace Edinburgh)
  • Members of the DCMI community
  • Representatives of the JISC Digital Repositories Programme, including
    • Roddy MacLeod (PerX)
    • Malcolm Moffat (PerX)
    • Paul Needham (EThOS)
  • European representatives
  • Representatives from the UK repositories community

Key supporting resources


The JISC is establishing a UK search service for content held in UK repositories. This activity will be broadly based on previous work in this area undertaken by the ePrints UK JISC-funded project. The first iteration of the service will be rather basic, and will focus on eprints (research papers) only. However, even to establish this first iteration, metadata describing research papers in UK repositories will need to be more uniformly structured than at present. Some preliminary work is therefore necessary to agree on this structure, which will take the form of a DC application profile, plus some rules on its implementation, and plans to achieve community acceptance and take-up. This work acknowledges that other activities are being undertaken to improve interoperability across digital repositories (for example the Mellon Foundation meeting in New York) but considers that developing a Dublin Core application profile for eprints is a useful undertaking in its own right.

The UK audience for the work includes:

  • the JISC repositories search service and other parts of the JISC repositories programme;
  • the eprints repositories community in the UK, especially those running live eprints repositories, and those about to establish such repositories.

Clearly, there will also be a wider (global) audience who are interested in the outcomes of this work.

The work will inform the first iteration of the JISC repositories search service (no target date set, but anticipated to be during 2006). To do this it must attract early community acceptance. Therefore, the DC application profile and community acceptance and take-up plan need to be complete by the end of July 2006. This will allow institutional repository managers to schedule any necessary conversion work.

This work is currently the subject of an ongoing practical evaluation process. For further details see Ariadne, Issue 58, January 2009: Talat Chaudhri, 'Assessing FRBR in Dublin Core Application Profiles', http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue58/chaudhri/.


Working Group Meeting - King’s Fund, London - 5th June 2006, 11am-4pm (Minutes)

Presentations and tutorials

Dublin Core 2006 Mexico

Eprints Special Session at the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, 4 October 2006, Mexico.

See also the at-the-event report in Ariadne, Issue 49, October 2006: Julie Allinson, Rachel Heery, Pete Johnston and Rosemary Russell, 'DC 2006: Metadata for Knowledge and Learning' report on DC 2006, the sixth international conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, held 3 - 6 October 2006, http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue49/dc-2006-rpt/

Open Scholarship 2006 Glasgow

EPrints Application Profile, with Andy Powell (Eduserv Foundation). Tutorial at Open Scholarship 2006, 18th October 2006, University of Glasgow. (MIME type: application/pdf)

Also, available at Slideshare: http://slideshare.net/eduservfoundation/eprints-application-profile

Metadata issues for Scottish institutional repositories

Dublin Core Application Profile for Scholarly Works (ePrints). Presentation at the Slainte Metadata issues for Scottish institutional repositories meeting, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 4th December 2006 (MIME type: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint)

Open repositories 2007

Julie Allinson, Pete Johnston and Andy Powell, The Eprints Application Profile: a FRBR approach to modelling repository metadata. Presented by Julie Allinson at Open Repositories 2007, 23-26 January 2007, San Antonio, Texas (MIME type: application/pdf)


Allinson, Julie, Johnston, Pete and Powell, Andy. 'A Dublin Core Application Profile for scholarly works'. Ariadne, vol. 50, January 2007.

Chaudhri, Talat. 'Assessing FRBR in Dublin Core Application Profiles'. Ariadne, vol. 58, January 2009.


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