Eprints Application Profile Meeting 2006-06-05

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Eprints Application Profile Working Group
King’s Fund, London
5th June 2006, 11am-4pm

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Attended by:

  • Andy Powell, Eduserv Foundation
  • Julie Allinson, UKOLN
  • Pete Johnston, Eduserv Foundation
  • Ann Apps, MIMAS
  • Robina Clayphan, British Library
  • Phil Cross, Intute
  • Linda Kerr, Intute
  • Frances Shipsey, Versions project, LSE
  • Greg Tourte, UKOLN
  • Philip Hunter, IRI Scotland
  • Jim Downing, DSpace Cambridge
  • Jessie Hey, eprints.org, University of Southampton

Apologies: Chris Awre, Bill Hubbard, Andrew Wilson



11.00 Welcome and introductions; purpose and scope of the working group

11.30 Functional Requirements

Presentation: Eprints_AP_Functional_Requirements.ppt

12.15 Entity-Relationship Model

Presentation: Eprints_Application_Profile_-_presentation.ppt

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Eprints DCMI Application Profile

15.00 Workplan

15.45 Close and date of next meeting

Strawman documents for discussion


Eprints Application Profile Meeting 2006-06-05 Minutes