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Repositories Research Team

As part of the Digital Repositories Programme, JISC have established the Repositories Research Team (RRT). RRTs remit is quite wide and includes helping projects find and exploit synergies across the programme and beyond, gathering scenarios and use cases from projects, liaising with other national and international repositories activities, including liaison with the e-Framework, synthesizing project and programme outcomes, and engaging with interoperability standards activity and repository architectures.

The Repositories Research Team is a collaboration between two JISC Innovation Support Centres UKOLN and CETIS. UKOLN have worked previously on repositories in a number of contexts including ePrints UK, the Open Archives Forum and Delos, and CETIS, the JISC Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards, has considerable experience in supporting the development of digital repositories for e-learning. The members of the support team are identified below.

For more information about the work of the RRT:

For articles, papers about the JISC Digital Repositories Programme and the RRT:

Digital Repositories Support

The Repositories Research Team is the new name for the Digital Repositories Support team (DRS). This change reflects the changing focus and priorities for our work, away from project support toward research and synthesis activities.


JISC Repositories Programmes

For more information about the JISC Digital Repositories Programme, please visit the JISC web site:


For more information about the JISC Repositories and Preservation Programme (phase two), please see:



There are 25 projects falling within the original 03/05 Digital Repositories Programme. Further information about each project is available on the Projects page. Projects are distributed throughout the UK and have been gathered into several cluster groups intended to be ways to help projects explore and build communities of practice both within and beyond the repositories programme. Further information about the clusters is available from the Clusters page.

Contact us

Repositories Research Team

Mahendra Mahey

Repositories Research Officer (UKOLN)
tel: +44 (0) 1225 384594
e-mail: m.mahey@ukoln.ac.uk

Adrian Stevenson

Repositories Research Officer (UKOLN)
tel: +44 (0) 161 445 4934
e-mail: a.stevenson [at] ukoln.ac.uk

R. John Robertson

Repositories Research Officer (JISC CETIS)
tel: +44 (0) 141 548 3072
e-mail: robert.robertson@strath.ac.uk

Team management

Lorna Campbell

Assistant Director, JISC CETIS
e-mail: lmc@strath.ac.uk

Phil Barker

Learning Technology Adviser, JISC CETIS
e-mail: philb@icbl.hw.ac.uk

Michael Day

Research Officer and Team Leader, UKOLN
e-mail: m.day@ukoln.ac.uk

Team Alumni

Sarah Currier

Sarah left the Team in August 2006.

Rachel Heery

Rachel left the team in 2007

Julie Allinson

Julie left the team in 2007

JISC Programme Management

Programme management

Neil Jacobs

Programme Manager for Digital Repositories Programme
tel: +44 (0) 117 9545064
mobile: 07768 040179
e-mail: n.jacobs@jisc.ac.uk

Neil is the lead JISC contact for the Repositories Research Team. Other Programme Managers liaising with the Team are: Amber Thomas, Balviar Notay, Andrew McGregor, Neil Grindley and Tom Franklin.


Rachel Bruce

Programme Director (Information Environment), JISC
e-mail: r.bruce@jisc.ac.uk

Paul Hollins

Business Manager, JISC CETIS

Mailing lists

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