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R. John Robertson


email: robert.robertson/at/
skype: rjohnrobertson

Contact Details:

Repositories Research Officer (CETIS),
JISC Digital Repositories Programme
Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement
University of Strathclyde, Graham Hills Building,
50 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QE, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 141 548 3072


Job description

I'm the JISCCETIS member of the Repositories Research Team. As such I have a particular interest in the e-learning parts of the programme(s). I'm interested in the challenges that managing e-learning materials bring to repositories and in how diverse tools that support learning interact with formal repository systems. I also have ongoing interests in metadata quality and ecological relationships between repositories and services.

Professional experience:

Before working full time for RRT as a Repositories Research Officer, I was a researcher at the Center for Digital Library Research I was the project manager for the Stargate Project - Static Repository Gateway and Toolkit: Enabling small publishers to participate in OAI-based services, a JISC-funded project examining the usefulness of Static Repositories to allow publishers to expose their journal articles metadata to harvester services. Prior to this I was the project officer for the Mandate project - MANaging Digital Assets in Tertiary Education, which created a toolkit to support the management of digital assets (especially administrative documents and learning assets) with particular reference to the Further Education community.

Educational Background

  • BD(Hons), University of Edinburgh.
  • MSc Information and Library Studies, University of Strathclyde.
  • MCS (Church History), Regent College.



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