Eprints EntityType Vocabulary Encoding Scheme

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This document defines a simple vocabulary for use with the dc:type property in the Scholarly Works Application Profile.

The vocabulary consists of seven classes (listed below) where each of the classes corresponds to one of the key entities in the Eprints Model.

Value URI Label Definition
Scholarly Work A distinct intellectual or artistic creation. A ScholarlyWork equates to a FRBR Work.
http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Expression Expression The intellectual or artistic realization of a ScholarlyWork. A ScholarlyWork may be expressed as several different revisions, translations or other versions. An Expression equates to a FRBR Expression.
http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Manifestation Manifestation The physical or digital embodiment of an expression of a work. A Manifestation equates to a FRBR Manifestation.
http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Copy Copy A single exemplar of a manifestation. A Copy is a concrete entity. A Copy equates to a FRBR Item.
http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Person Person A single individual, living or deceased. Person equates to a FRBR Person.
http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Organization Organization An organization or group of individuals and/or organizations acting as a unit. An Organization equates to a FRBR Corporate Body.
http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Agent Agent A Person or Organization.


[1] Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (http://www.ifla.org/VII/s13/frbr/frbr.pdf)