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This page is part of the JISC Digital Repository Wiki. It is used to support the activities of a UK (JISC) working group which is developing an Application Profile for describing geospatial resources held in institutional repositories.

This work is being undertaken within the JISC Digital Repositories programme and coordinated by James Reid at EDINA National Datacentre (Geoservices). The Geospatial Application Profile (GAP) project is running from November 2007 - April 2008.

Within the Discovery to Delivery area of the JISC Repositories and Preservation Programme the Intute Repositories Search Project was funded to create a search service for content held within UK repositories and to examine the issues that surround retrieval. The first iteration of this service is basic, and focuses on ePrints (research papers) only. A Dublin Core Application Profile for ePrints (research papers) was funded to provide consistency of search.

Further iterations of the search Repositories Search service will need to include other media types such as images moving pictures and sound, geo-spatial data etc.

It is the task of this project to develop a Geospatial Application Profile (GAP) analogous to the ePrints (SWAP) Profile.


Functional requirements


Application Profile

Usage Guidlelines

Community Acceptance Plan

Final report


The initial work phase will consist of the development of a 'straw man' document which will endeavor to produce a mapping between DC and OGC metadata. A Working Group will then use this as the basis for discussion and further refinement and development.

Working Group

Individuals who have agreed to form part of a working group include: