UKOLN AHDS QA Focus Case Studies

The QA Focus project published a series of case studies which provided examples of quality assurance procedures and illustrate how projects and services implement standards and best practices in order to achieve interoperability, maximise accessibility, etc.

Case studies are available in the following areas:

Note that if you wish to access all of the case studies in a single file (which is suitable for printing) you should go the the View-All links on this page.

Note also that information on writing a case study is also available.

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A "View All Files" series of documents, which contain all the briefing papers in a single file, is available. This is suitable for printing all documents in a single operation.

You can also access the case studies in the following areas:

Listing Of The Case Studies

As well as the page you are viewing, an MS Word version of the case studies is available:

Contributing To Case Studies

We welcome proposals for case studies.

Format Of Case Studies

The case studies should be brief - typically 2-5 A4 pages when printed. They should provide a introduction (e.g. a summary of the project), the area addressed in the case study, the solution which was used, details of any problems encountered and suggestions on how the problem would be addressed in the future, based on experiences you have gained.

A suggested template is available. Case studies in HTML are preferred, although MS Word versions are also acceptable. If you use the HTML template if possible ensure that XHTML is used - try to avoid use of HTML authoring tools which introduce proprietary HTML tags or presentational tags such as <FONT>.

Please note that case studies should not be simple press releases about the project or simply provide publicity for the project.

Subject Areas For Case Studies

Case studies in the following areas are welcomed: