Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?

This page contains news about the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005.

Nedstat's Sector Stats Project has been announced.
A summary of the Workshop feedback is now available.
A summary of the IRC logs is now available.
An Ariadne "At The Event" article entitled IWMW 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway? by Miles Banbery is now available.
The slides and handouts for the parallel session on Hey! You! Get Offa My Web! Hidden Desires and Unforeseen Circumstances in Web Management are now available.
As an experiment a Google Sitemap of the IWMW 2005 Web site has been created and submitted to Google.
Many thanks to Patrick Lauke, University of Salford for making available his IWMW 2005 photographs. These black and white photographs of the workshop are available from the Flickr service.
A multimedia presentation of Stephen Emmott's talk on "Customers, Suppliers, and the Need for Partnerships" is now available. The presentation, which is in SMIL format, combines a recording of Stephen's talk with a display of the PowerPoint slides he used.
We will shortly be publishing articles about this year's Institutional Web Management Workshop. If any delegates have any photographs of the event (including the social event at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry) and would be willing to make the photographs available for publication please contact Brian Kelly (email
An audio recording in MP3 format of Stephen Emmott's talk on Customers, Suppliers, and the Need for Partnerships is now available. The accompanying PowerPoint file is also available, so that it should be possible to both listen to the talk and view the slides at the same time. It is left as an exercise to any motivated SMIL developer to create a SMIL presentation which automatically links the sound with the slides.
The slides used in the Democratising the Web: The Revenge of The Non-techie and Inter-institutional Authorisation using Shibboleth: Myths, Lies and the Truth parallel sessions and the report from the North West regional group meeting on CMS challenges are now available.
The Workshop Blog page contains links to two Blogs about the workshop: Owen Stephens' Overdue Ideas Blog and Andrew Savory's Bagel Belly Blog.
The slides used in the Lies, Damn Lies and Web Statistics, WHS WEB S IT NEWY? - Including Mobile Phone Users in the Loop and How to Find a Needle in the Haystack parallel sessions and the report from the South East regional group meeting on CMS challenges are now available.
We are pleased to announce that the IWMW 2006 event will be held at the University of Bath during the week of 12-16th June 2006.
Workshop delegates may wish to arrange their own Birds of a Feather (BoF) session. We hope that the WiFi network will help delegates to find others with similar interests.
The date and location of the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006 will be announced during the IWMW 2005 closing session on 8 July 2005.
Further information about the poster displays is now available.
Delegates from the south east region should note that their discussion group session will be the largest. In order to provide sufficient time for everyone from this region to give their views on the topic (which is Content Management Systems) we invite delegates from this region to go to the discussion group page for the South East region and use the Wikalong annotation tool to give their thoughts on the most important issues related to CMSs prior to the event.
A test page has been set up for testing the Wikalong annotation service. This service is provided in order to allow delegates to create collaborative Web pages for the discussion groups, parallel sessions and plenary talks.
Further information on travel details is now available.
Further information about the social activities is now available, including details of good pubs and restaurants in the vicinity of the workshop venue and accompanying social events.
Information on an optional session on impact analysis and evaluation of previous Institutional Web Management Workshops is now available. This session will also enable participants to give suggestions on next year's workshop. Bookings can be made at the workshop - and will be limited to 20 delegates per session.
The JISC Service and Vendor Presentations session will be an open session, and not restricted just to registered delegates. Feel free to mention this session to your colleagues.
Information about the technologies available at the workshop is now available. This page describes the instant messaging environment and Wiki service which will be available during the event for use by workshop delegates who have brought a networked computer.
A reminder that the closing date for bookings for the parallel session is Wednesday 15 June.
A workshop Podcast is now available. The Podcasts are sound recordings which will provide additional information about the workshop. An RSS file (known as a Podcast) enables the sound recordings to be automatically copied on to MP3 players, so that you will not have to check if new sound files are available.
We have now closed bookings for this year's workshop.
A workshop Blog will be provided at the workshop. Any Bloggers who would like to participate in providing a Blog of the workshop should contact the organisers.
If you would like to view a 3D panoramic view of the lecture theatre to be used at the event see the conference venue's Virtual Tours page and select the "Weston Theatre" room option from the "Take A Virtual Tour" link.
The online booking form for parallel sessions is now available.
Tom Franklin will be giving a plenary talk on There Is No Such Thing As A Silver Bullet: CMS And Portals Will Not Solve Your Problems!. This talk is a replacement for the plenary talk by Mike Taylor which was advertised previously.
Contrary to an announcement made on 23 May, we are still accepting bookings for the workshop - the limit of 150 delegates we were given actually refers to the minimum numbers of delegates! We will be accepting bookings until 10 June.
Further information about the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, where the reception on day 2 of the workshop will take place, is now available.
The Nedstat Sitestat counter was installed on the workshop Web site. Nedstat are a sponsor of the workshop and will be taking part in one of the parallel sessions.
There was a 'soft' launch of the online booking form for parallel sessions initially for facilitators and speakers to submit their preferences.
Information on how delegates can create and use FOAF file was released.
An RSS news feed for the workshop was released. This can be viewed in RSS viewers such as RSSxpress
An Acceptable Use Policy for use of networked applications and mobile devices at the workshop was released.
Announcement of the opening for bookings was sent to the web-support and website-info-mgt JISCMail lists.
Details of the dates of the parallel sessions were released.
There was a 'soft' launch of the workshop booking form, which was linked to from the navigational bar, but not announced on lists.
The workshop timetable and details of the sessions and speakers was released.
Information on the workshop venue is available. The workshop will be using the Weston Theatre for the plenary talks. Note that a virtual tour of the lecture theatre is available.
Details of the Exhibition and Poster Display are now available.
Sent workshop announcement and call for speakers to the web-support JISCMail list.
Sent workshop announcement and call for speakers to the website-info-mgt JISCMail list.

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