Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
Sector Stats


Nedstat UK were one of the commercial sponsors of the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005 event held in Manchester in July 2005. In addition to sponsoring the event Nedstat took part in a workshop session on "Lies, Damn Lies, and Web Statistics". As a followup to some of the suggestions made at the workshop Nedstat have developed the following project proposal.

Proposal for Sector Statistics (Sector Stats)

About Sector Stats

The Sector Stats project has been proposed in order to offer Universities an insight into industry-wide Web site metrics and to offer a benchmarking tool for Web performance. Measurements will be taken over a four week period on a variety of UK institutional Web sites. All measurements can be aggregated and not be allied with any individual Web site or institution if required, this is something on which the community needs to decide.

Project Timeline

The project timeline is as follows:

Ranjit Sidhu, Nedstat UK

Contact Details:
Ranjit Sidhu
Account Manager
Nedstat Ltd.
The Corner
91-93 Farringdon Road


Please note that this proposal has been developed by Nedstat following discussions with members of the UK institutional Web management community. It should be noted that the hosting of this information should not be regarded as endorsement of the product by UKOLN.

Last modified: 14th October 2005