Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
Workshop Sessions

The Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005 event consisted of a mixture of plenary talks (which includes two panel sessions) and a total of 18 parallel workshop sessions (from which delegates can attend 2 sessions). Details are given below.

Plenary Talks

Note that a total of 5.25 hours of plenary talks were held.

Our Users

University Blogging: What Happens When Everyone Can Publish?: John Dale, University of Warwick
See abstract and biographical details.
Customers, Suppliers, and the Need for Partnerships: Stephen Emmott, LSE
See abstract and biographical details.

The Institutional Perspective

Challenges at the University of Manchester arising from Project UNITY: Professor Mark Clark, University of Manchester
See abstract and biographical details.
Sky High or Free Fall - All Aboard the Web Rollercoaster: David Sweeney, Royal Holloway
See abstract and biographical details.

Institutional Case Studies

There Is No Such Thing As A Silver Bullet: CMS And Portals Will Not Solve Your Problems!: Tom Franklin
See abstract and biographical details.
Publish and Be Damned: Re-purposing in the Real World: Jeremy Speller and Ian Bartlett, UCL
See abstract and biographical details.

Panel Sessions

Details of the two panel sessions are given below.

The Web Management Community: Present and Future: Andrew Cox, University of Loughborough, Duncan Ireland, University of Strathclyde and Brian Kelly, UKOLN
See Andrew Cox and Duncan Ireland's abstract and Andrew Cox's, Duncan Ireland's and Brian Kelly's biographical details.
Addressing The CMS Challenge: Mike Lowndes, Natural History Museum, Tom Franklin and Piero Tintori.
See abstract and Mike Lowndes' and Tom Franklin's biographical details.

Workshop Sessions

Details of the workshop sessions are given below. Note that you can also view the session details in a single page.

Note that a total of 27 hours of parallel sessions were held.

Sessions On Wednesday, 6th July

A1: Hey! You! Get Offa My Web! Hidden Desires and Unforeseen Circumstances in Web Management: Iain Middleton and Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen
See abstract for session A1 and Iain Middleton's and Mike McConnell's biographical details.
A2: Conducting User Needs Analysis: Tips On Gathering Requirements People May Have For The Systems You're Developing: Grace de la Flor, University of Bristol
See abstract for session A2 and Grace's biographical details.
A3: How to Find a Needle in the Haystack: Adrian Stevenson, University of Manchester
See abstract for session A3 and Adrian's biographical details.
A4: Future-proofing for Collaborative Tools: Emma Tonkin, UKOLN, University of Bath
See abstract for session A4 and Emma's biographical details.
A5: Community Building - Open Source and Open Content: Randy Metcalfe, OSS Watch, University of Oxford
See abstract for session A5 and Randy's biographical details.
A6: Whose Work Is It Anyway?: Andrew Savory, Luminas
See abstract for session A6 and Andrew's biographical details.
A7: Embedding Third Party Services in Web Sites and Portals - From Links To WSRP the Pros and Sons: Tom Franklin
See abstract for session A7 and Tom's biographical details.
A8: Managing Stakeholders with PRINCE2: Stephen Emmott, LSE
See abstract for session A8 and Stephen's biographical details.
A9: Lies, Damn Lies, and Web Statistics: Mike Lowndes, Natural History Museum and Ranjit Sidhu, Nedstat
See abstract for session A9 and Mike's biographical details.

Sessions On Thursday, 7th July

B1: Whose Web Do You Think It Is? Considering Web Accessibility And Usability From The Perspective Of Different User Groups: Jenny Craven, MMU
See abstract for session B1 and Jenny's biographical details.
B2: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime? Lessons from Implementing a Corporate CMS at the University of Southampton: Julie Burrell and Colin Work, University of Southampton
See abstract for session B2 and Colin Work's and Julie Burrell's biographical details.
B3: Democratising the Web: The Revenge of The Non-Techie: Gilles Couzin and Urfan Ali, University of Bristol
See abstract for session B3 and Gilles Couzin's and Urfan Ali's biographical details.
B4: Folksonomies: Metadata or Mess?: Marieke Guy and Emma Tonkin, UKOLN, University of Bath
See abstract for session B3 and Marieke Guy's and Emma Tonkin's biographical details.
B5: Inter-institutional Authorisation using Shibboleth: Myths, Lies and the Truth: Jon Dowland, University of Newcastle
See abstract for session B5 and Jon's biographical details.
B6: Avoiding the Legal Obstacles in Web Management: John X Kelly, JISC Legal Service, University of Strathclyde
See abstract for session B6 and John's biographical details.
B7: WHS WEB S IT NEWY? - Including Mobile Phone Users in the Loop: Adrian Tribe, Birkbeck College
See abstract for session B7 and Adrian's biographical details.
B8: JISC Service and Vendor Presentations, various presenters
See abstract.
B9: RSS: Let's Clear The Confusion And Start Using!: Brian Kelly, UKOLN
See abstract for session B9 and biographical details.

Last modified: 17th August 2005