Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
Social Events

Social Events - Day 1

The workshop meal will be held on the evening of Wednesday 6th July 2005 in the Barnes Wallis Building, with a drinks reception at 7 pm and the meal starting at 7:30 pm. Afterwards delegates will be free to explore the famous Manchester night life.

Social Events - Day 2

On the evening of Thursday 7th July 2005 there will be a reception at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (which, as can be seen from the map or using Google Maps is centrally located). Afterwards delegates will have free time in which they can have a meal at a restaurant or visit local pubs. Information on restaurants and pubs is given below.

Note that a crib sheet about the museum and information about 'Baby' are available.

Night Life

Manchester has an excellent range of restaurants, pubs and bars to suit all tastes and pockets ranging from traditional pubs and eateries to the modern and minimalist. Many of these are near or within short walking distance of the Museum of Science and Industry. A few of the best places are listed below, as recommended by the 'City Life' Food and Drink Guide (and approved by a few of the IWMW organisers). If you're keen to try one of the restaurants then it might be worth ringing to check whether you can get in as they are all popular. There are also some suggested pubs and bars back near the Conference Centre, as well as a few highlights in between, so there is plenty of potential for a leisurely stroll back from the museum to the accommodation, taking in a few drinks along the way.

Note that the following information was provided by Adrian Stevenson, Manchester Computing. Adrian has also provided a sound recording which describes the social activities and pubs and restaurants. The IWMW 2005 organisers wish to give their tahnks to Adrian for providng this information.


Please note that the map references given below refer to the accompanying map (PDF format).


The majority of restaurants near to the museum are in Manchester's business area and scattered around Deansgate. Head up Liverpool Road from the museum towards the centre past the White Lion until you get to Deansgate. Then take a left into Deansgate heading North and you'll quickly start to find restaurants on Deansgate and up the surrounding side streets.

Price Guide:
£A - £40 plus per person
£B - £15 - £40 per person
£C - up to £15 per person

Chinese / Pan-Asian

16 Albert Square, M2 5PF (Map ref 1). Phone 0161 819 1966

The airy basement restaurant displays classic Japanese influences with the bench seating and tables. There's a minimalist look about the place lightened by a changing display of modern artworks. All the classics are available including Nasi Goreng, Pad Thai and Ramens. Good value.

Price: £C
Vegetarian: Many options
Distance from MSIM: 0.3m
View the location of Tampopo using Google Maps

Yang Sing
34 Princess St, M1 4JY (Map ref 2). Phone 0161 236 2200

Internationally famous restaurant that's been around since the 1970s. Huge range of dishes. Pioneered the banquet in the UK - talk to the staff, give them a price to work to and they will suggest a selection of dishes for you.

Price: £B/A
Vegetarian: 40+ choices
Distance from MSIM: 0.54m
View the location of Yang Sing using Google Maps


Lounge Ten
10 Tib Lane, M2 4JB (Map ref 3). Phone 0161 834 1331

Not cheap but a great choice if you're looking for something special. The food is of a high standard, expensive and in smallish portions but worth it. From the profusion of glittering chandeliers, sumptuous velvet drapes and provocative art, Lounge 10 is a sensual feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Price: £A
Vegetarian: 5-6 choices
Distance from MSIM: 0.45m
View the location of Lounge Ten using Google Maps


There are only a few Indian restaurants in this part of town, two of which are listed below. Rusholme is generally considered the place to go for this cuisine and has plenty of cheap n'cheerful restaurants. You may want to get a bus or taxi if you intend to give Rushholme a try.

Shimla Pinks
Dolefield, Crown Square, M3 3HA (Map ref 4). Phone 0161 831 7099

This is Indian restaurant as stripped down stylish retreat with washes of contemporary art, low cubist sofas and not a Taj Mahal in sight. Classical dishes are treated with respect using fresh herbs and spices. There's the occasional nod to new twists and flavours as well. Not as cheap as some but bags of style and plenty of flavour.

Price: £B/A
Vegetarian: Many dishes
Distance from MSIM: 0.25m
View the location of Shimla Pinks using Google Maps

18 Albert Square, M2 5PR (Map ref 5). Phone 0161 834 2176

Good food, excellent service and delicious lassis. Signature dishes include Jumbo prawn kebabs, Chicken shashlik and Lamb chilli bhuna.

Price: £B
Vegetarian: at least 15 choices
Distance from MSIM: 0.5m
View the location of Rajdoot using Google Maps

Punjab Tandoori
177 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, M14 5AP (Map ref 6). Phone 0161 839 0601

The Punjab stands out amongst the plentiful local competition, partly for its South Indian Dosa specialties. There's plenty of good stuff from the north of the subcontinent too, including a variety of sharp and spicy Handi dishes. Excellent range of vegetarian dishes.

Price: £B/C
Vegetarian: the best in Rusholme
Distance from MSIM: 2.0m
View the location of Punjab Tandoori using Google Maps


Albert's Shed
Eastgate, 20 Castle St, M3 4LZ (Map ref 7). Phone 0161 839 9818

Externally it has one of the best new designs around, whilst inside its contemporary and sharp. Food is an Anglo-Med mix of easy-going dishes such as Welsh Rarebit on walnut bread and Funghi Rossa pizza. Mains, which include two side orders, hover around the £13 mark.

Price: £B
Vegetarian: several options
Distance from MSIM: 0.16m
View the location of Albert's Shed using Google Maps

Est Est Est
5 Ridgefield, M2 6EG (Map ref 8). Phone 0161 833 9400

Well appointed italian that is part of a locally run chain. Clever and consistent without being spectacular in usually well-designed settings. The pizzas are decent and there is a good á la carte menu.

Price: £B
Vegetarian: extensive choice
Distance from MSIM: 0.42m
View the location of Est Est Est using Google Maps

1 Clarence St, M2 4DE (Map ref 9)
0161 237 9799

Still the best pizzeria in town for service, style and product. The menu is simple and very cheap but with enough choice to provide solutions for most diners. The service is exemplary. Highly recommended. Well worth the half mile walk from the museum.

Price: £ C
Vegetarian: more than 15
Distance from MSIM: 0.47m
View the location of Croma using Google Maps


The Museum is next to Manchester's Castlefield Basin which is well worth a walk around if you get a chance. Stray off the Liverpool Road and you will find a strong boned landscape of strutting railway viaducts and a canal basin with an outdoor arena and strong modern buildings. It's a fine place for food and drink, especially in the summer. Modern bars such as Cask and Knott Bar and the more traditional White Lion pub can all be found in this area close to the museum. There are also great bars and pubs back near the Conference Centre including the Lass O'Gowrie and the Sand Bar and some Manchester classics such as the Peveril of the Peak along the route back.

White Lion
43 Liverpool Rd, M3 4NQ (Map ref 10)

Very popular classic pub opposite the MSIM. Massive selection of whiskies, cognacs and wine.

Cask Ales: Timothy Taylor
Distance from MSIM: opposite
View the location of White Lion using Google Maps

Dukes 92
19-20 Castle St, Castlefield, M3 4LZ (Map ref 11)

The best boozer in the Castlefield basin according to City Life. A bright, airy and tasteful pub with comfy classic furniture. Outside is the best sun-trap drinking area in Manchester.

Cask Ales: Boddingtons plus 2/3 guest ales.
Distance from MSIM: 0.16m
View the location of Dukes 92 using Google Maps

Britons Protection
50 Great Bridgewater Street, M1 5LE (Map ref 12)

A multi-roomed gem full of elegant wood, tile and plaster detailing 200 years of pub history. Handsome straight-from-the-street bar with a cosy snug behind. Oasis-like pub garden. Famous for its 170+ whiskies. Strict policy against fruit machines, pool tables and jukebox.

Cask Ales: Tetley, Robinsons, Jennings and one guest.
Distance from MSIM: 0.29m
View the location of Britons Protection using Google Maps

Peveril of the Peak
127 Great Bridgewater St, M1 5JQ (Map ref 13)

This late Georgian end terrace has a striking emerald external tiling scheme with Art Nouveau lettering. Internally the design is period but maverick. 'City Life' pub of the year 2003.

Cask Ales: Bombardier, Pedigree, Boddingtons plus two guest.
Distance from MSIM: 0.4m
View the location of Peveril of the Peak using Google Maps

Lass O'Gowrie
Charles Street, M1 7DB (Map ref 14)

One of the few 'authentic' pubs left in the centre of Manchester with its gas lighting, dark wood interior and quality ales, the stress here is on drinking and chatting. The service is friendly and efficient and the clientele spans the age range. The Lass brews its own ales and always has a fine selection of guests. Very near the Manchester Conference Centre and a good venue for meeting.

Cask Ales: Lass Ale, Black Sheep, Speckled Hen and three guest.
Distance from MSIM: 0.66m
View the location of Lass O'Gowrie using Google Maps

The City Arms
48 Kennedy Street, M2 4BQ (Map ref 15)

One of the best ranges of beer in the Half Square Mile as Manchester's business district is called. This happy two roomer always has plenty of punters chewing the cud and propping up the bar. A listed building that bears a noteworthy frontage.

Cask Ales: Tetley plus six guest ales.
Distance from MSIM: 0.48m
View the location of The City Arms using Google Maps


29 Liverpool Rd, M3 4NQ (Map ref 16)

Cask falls into the quirky category, a stripped down venue with no pretensions and an easy going atmosphere. There's a very pleasant decked outdoor area too. Cask has wide selection of European bottled beers and a good selection of draught overseas lagers. There's also a guest ale or two and bar snacks. The jukebox is a highlight.

House special: German and Belgian beers.
Distance from MSIM: Almost next door to the museum.
View the location of Cask using Google Maps

Knott Bar
374 Deansgate, M3 4LY (Map ref 17)

This top of the range, railway arch sited boozer is an outpost of Marble Beers' mini Mancunian empire. Very notable are the superb beers including the Marble Beer own brews, good continental draught lager, guest ciders and much else. Food is wholesome and without pretension.

House special: Marble Beers' own.
Distance from MSIM: 0.14m
View the location of Knott Bar using Google Maps

70 Oxford St, M1 5NH (Map ref 18)

The Cornerhouse is primarily a centre for arts and film but is also very popular for its bar. The clientele consists of a fair number of the 'arty' types you'd expect but the vibe is never exclusive or intimidating. The stark downstairs bar contrasts the lighter feel upstairs. You can get some decent good value food here too.

House special: Belgian beers
Distance from MSIM: 0.7m
View the location of Cornerhouse using Google Maps

Oxford Rd, next to BBC, M1 7ED (Map ref 19)

City Life Bar of the year 2002. Occupying the old National Computer Centre, this double height venue with huge windows and white Jura limestone walls is an impressive and striking space in which to quaff a drink or two. The outdoor open space is definitively urban, sitting next to the Mancunian Way flyover, but surprisingly, works.

House special: Continental beers
Distance from MSIM: 0.75m
View the location of Kro2 using Google Maps

The Sandbar
120 Grosvenor St, M1 7HL (Map ref 20)

Somewhere between a pub and a bar, The Sandbar is very popular with both staff and students of all the nearby academic institutions and deservedly so. This old Georgian townhouse is split into various nooks and crannies decorated in broad swathes of yellow. It boast an excellent range of cask ales and continental lagers. Close to the Conference Centre.

House special: German and Czech beers, 4 real ales, Stoli Vodka.
Distance from MSIM: 0.86m
View the location of The Sandbar using Google Maps

Last modified: 30th June 2005