Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
Page For Testing The Wikalong Software


This page provides a test area to be used for testing use of Wikis. This test area has been set up to support the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005 which is organised by UKOLN. The workshop will be held at University of Manchester on 6-8th July 2005.

About Use of Wikis At The Workshop

A Wiki is a collaborative Web-based authoring environment - see the Wiki section in the Wikipedia for further information.

During (and before) the workshop we intend to provide access to a public Wiki service. This will help delegates to understand how Wikis work and how they can be used to support workshop events.

We envisage that a Wiki will be used to keep notes during the discussion group sessions. The materials can then be used during the report back. An advantage with this approach is that all of the discussion group participants can potentially contribute to the notes, both during the discussion group and immediately afterwards (subject to available of the necessary hardware and network connectivity) as well as after the event. In addition the notes are available to participants who may have attended other discussion groups.

We intend to make use of the Wikalong Wiki software. The most effective way of using the software is to install it as an extension to the Firefox browser. However if you do not use Firefox, it can be used from other browsers.


In order to test Wikalong please annotate this page. For example, give your name and contact details and summarise your experience in use of Wikis and perhaps suggest areas in which Wikis could be used.

In order to add a comment:

An illustration of the Wikalong Firefox extension is shown below.

Figure 1: Using The Wikalong Firefox Extension
Figure 1: Using The Wikalong Firefox Extension

Note that you can use the Wiki directly from any browser - however this will mean that you will not be able to view the page you are annotating. You can view the Wikalong page which is associated with this page.

Wikalong Registration

It is suggested that you get a Wikalong ID. This will help to identify your annotations. Go to the User preferences page to create your Wikalong ID (note that mine is "BrianKelly"). It is suggested that you use the CamelCase convention for your name (capitalising words such as JohnSmith), so that it can be automatically used as a Wiki link - as is BrianKelly

About Wikalong

Wikalong is a public Wiki service. This means your comments are held on their server. It also means that anyone can add comments, that comments could disappear if the company went bankrupt, etc.

Wikalong is being used to test the capabilities of such software. If it is felt to be useful, institutions may wish to consider installing Wiki software locally. You can them manage the environment, manage access rights, etc. Note that the Wikipedia provides a list of Wiki engines.

Last modified: 12th June 2005