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The Pervasive Web

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4 February 2003 Item: Workshop Evaluation
Discovered Duncan's Smeed's Blog about the workshop.

15 July 2002 Item: Workshop Evaluation
A summary of the workshop evaluation is now available.

12 July 2002 Item: Useful Resources
A number of useful resources which may be of interest to workshop delegates is now available.

11 July 2002 Item: Workshop Report
A workshop report has been published in the Ariadne e-journal.

7 July 2002 Item: NetPhysic Circuit Software
Netphysic, one of the workshop commercial sponsors, are providing a free CD which can be accessed from their Web site which provides trial access to the NetPhysic Circuit software, which uses a number of tools to diagnose and improve the usability of Web sites.

3 July 2002 Item: QA Processes
Information about the QA procedures for the workshop Web site are now available.

26 June 2002 Item: Workshop Conclusions
The workshop conclusions, given by Brian Kelly, are now available online.

25 June 2002 Item: Derek Law's Opening Plenary Talk
The streaming video of Derek Law's opening plenary talk is now available online.

23 June 2002 Item: Evaluation Forms
The workshop evaluation forms for the workshop are now available online. Please download, complete and return them if you have not done so already.

16 June 2002 Item: HTML Analysis Of Web Site
A batch HTML compliance analysis of the workshop Web site is now available. The analysis was carried out using the CSE HTML Validator Pro software.

16 June 2002 Item: Poster Displays
There will be a small poster display at the workshop.

15 June 2002 Item: England Won!
England won! Bring on the Brazilians! I have a feeling it will be a great workshop. See you in Glasgow.

14 June 2002 Item: Updated Information On Pubs
Additional information on real ale pubs in Glasgow is now available. Thanks to David King, who unfortunately can't make the workshop this year, for providing this information.

14 June 2002 Item: Events Open To Local Staff
We are pleased to announce that a number of sessions will be open to local staff. These include vendor presentations and workshop sessions on Computer Scientists - A Help Or A Hindrance ;-)! and Exploiting Locally-Created E-resources: OAI and Eprints.

14 June 2002 Item: Additional Debate Now To Be Held
We are pleased to announce that an additional debate (on Web Strategies) will be held at the workshop.

13 June 2002 Item: Description of Architecture Of Web Site
A description of the architecture of this Web site is now available.

12 June 2002 Item: Accessibility Report
A report on the accessibility of this Web site is now available.

10 June 2002 Item: Registration Details
The Registration Details (PDF format) are now available.

9 June 2002 Item: Change Of Plenary Talk
Due to unavailability of the speakers the talk on "The My.Sunderland Portal: A Case Study" has been cancelled. Paul Browning has agreed to provide a replacament talk on "Portals and CMS - Why You Need Them Both".

7 June 2002 Item: Bookings for Parallel Sessions
Please note that you can now book for the Parallel Sessions.

5 June 2002 Item: Closing Date
Please note that the official closing date for bookings is 5 June 2002.

31 May 2002 Item: Related Events
Information on related events is now available.

30 May 2002 Item: YahooGroups
Information about the accompanying YahooGroups Web site and mailing list is now available.

29 May 2002 Item: Search Facility
A search facility for Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002 Web site is now available.

27 May 2002 Item: Information On Workshop Committees
Information on the programme committee and organising committee is now available.

23 May 2002 Item: History of Institutional Web Management Workshops
The history of Institutional Web Management Workshops is now available.

21 May 2002 Item: Workshop News Feed
An RSS news feed is now available (in RSS format). In addition information about the news feed is available.

20 May 2002 Item: Workshop Site Map
A site map of this Web site is now available.

17 May 2002 Item: Timetable Available
The timetable and details of the workshop parallel sessions are now available.

16 May 2002
In order to investigate the frequency by which Google indexes this Web site this page contains the term evertonchampions. On 16 May 2002 this term was not found in Google or AltaVista. Please try Google search for evertonchampions and AltaVistasearch for evertonchampions now to see if the page has been indexed.
Note that this page has not been submitted to Google or AltaVista, but the page has previously been indexed by Google. As an additional experiment a page containing the phrase e v e r t o n c h a m p i o n s a g a i n (one word with no spaces) has been created which is not linked. This page has been submitted to Google and AltaVista. Please try Google search for evertonchampionsagain and AltaVista search for evertonchampionsagain now to see if the page has been indexed.
Note that a price of 1 pint will be awarded to the person reporting first sighting of these resources in Google and AltaVista! See the web-support JISCmail list for details.
NOTE The initial string was found on Monday 20 May, but the page containing the second string has not yet been indexed.

15 May 2002 15 May 2002
Users of Palms, Pocket PCs and other PDAs will be pleased to hear that it is now possible to add the workshop Web site to your Avantgo channels. Note that you will need an AvantoGo username and password in oder to add this channel. Please see the Avantgo Web site for further information.

13 May 2002 YahooGroups Discussion forum and Web Site
A YahooGroups discussion forum and Web site is now available for use by workshop speakers, facilitators and participants.

29 April 2002 Item: 3D Panoramic View
A 3D panoramic view of the main lecture theatre is now available.

25 April 2002 Item: Workshop Flyer
A workshop flyer is available. Feel free to print and distribute.

22 April 2002 Item: Official Launch of the Workshop Web site
The Workshop Web site has been officially announced to the JISCMail website-info-mgt and JISCMail web-support lists.

19 April 2002 Item: Soft Launch of the Workshop Web site
There has been a soft launch of the Workshop Web site for viewing by workshop speakers and facilitators.

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