Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002:
The Pervasive Web

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The Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002 programme consisted of a mixture of plenary talks and workshop sessions. The plenary talks provided a mixture of presentations by senior managers within the UK HE and FE sector, together with a series of case studies from Web practioners.

In addition to the talks and workshop sessions we provided a number of innovations to this year's event, including a debate, a panel session and a vendor's slot. A series of discussion groups also provided an opportunity for delegates themselves to raise and discuss issues of interest.

An overview of the programme is given below. A more detailed timetable and a timetable for the parallel sessions is also available.

Plenary Talks

Details of plenary talks are given below.

Workshop Sessions

Details of workshop sessions are given below.

In addition to the workshop sessions there were a number of briefing sessions. Details are given below.

Vendor Presentations

This year's event also featured a number of presentations from commercial companies who provide software or services of interest to institutional Web managers.

Discussion Groups

The Discussion Group sessions provided an opportunity for delegates to discuss topics of interest.


This year's event also featured two debates: one on the motion "The house believes that the future of Web in UK Higher And Further Education communities lies in the adoption of open source software" and one on "The house believes that Web strategies are a waste of time".

Social Programme

In addition to the plenary talks and workshop sessions, there was also a social programme for participants which included a wine reception, buffet meal and ceilidh.


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