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The Pervasive Web

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Web Site Architecture

This page gives a summary of the architectural design of the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002 Web site.


The look-and-feel for the workshop Web site was designed by Andrew Aird, then of Goldsmiths College, London for the workshop which was held at Goldsmiths College, London in September 1999.

The look-and-feel has been kept for workshops since then.


Although the same look-and-feel has been kept, the Web site now uses XHTML. In addition CSS is being introduced to define the appearance of resources (although CSS is not deployed fully through the site).

A link to W3C's XHTML and CSS validation services is provided in order to make it easier to check that pages are still valid after changes are made.

News Feed

The news items on the page are included in a <span> tag. The Syndicate Your Page service is then used to transform the news items into RSS dynamically.

Search Facility

UKOLN's ht://dig search engine is used to provide a search facility from the workshop Web pages.

Usage Counter

SiteMeter is used to record usage of the Web site, and provide live access to usage information. This has proved particularly useful for observing visits to the Web site from search engines.

3D Panoramic View

The Web site includes one featuire which requires use of a browser plugin - the 3D pararamic view of the lecture theatres.

YahooGroups Web Site and Mailing List

The iwmw-2002 YahooGroups Web site and mailing list has been set up to provide a rich forum for participants to discuss all aspects of the workshop, including the workshop content and the social aspects of the workshop. A description of the YahooGroups is available.

Link Checking

The Xenu link checker is used when significant changes are made to the Wb site in order to check for broken links.

Batch HTML Validation

In order to complement use of the HTML link validation icon, the CSE HTML Validator Pro software is used to validate all files on the Web site.

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