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UK Web Focus: Peer-Reviewed Papers

This page contains links to papers written by Brian Kelly which have been peer-reviewed or have been presented at international conferences. Note that the papers are also listed by themes. You can also go directly to papers published in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999 and 1998.

Access to many of these papers is available from the University of Bath Opus repository. In addition, in order to maximise access to the papers, papers are also available from ResearchGate and

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Further Information

Brian Kelly's ORCID ID is 0000-0001-5875-8744.

Further Information

Further information about the papers including links to citation services is available.



4 papers published in 2013.


4 papers published in 2012.


3 papers published in 2011.


4 papers and 2 book chapters published 2010.


5 papers and 1 book chapter published in 2009.


5 papers and 2 contributions to books published (Note one paper was subsequently republished in a journal and has therefore been removed from the total number of publications for 2008 to avoid duplicate counting).


4 papers published


6 papers published


9 papers published


3 papers published (one paper removed from this total as it was republished in a journal in 2005).


4 papers published


1 paper published


2 papers published


3 papers published


4 papers published


4 papers published


A total of 5 book chapters and 61 (different) papers published in peer-reviewed journals, conferences or as invited papers at international conferences have been published from 1998 and 2013.

RSS Feed Of Papers

An RSS news feed of the papers is available:

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Themes Of the Papers

The main themes for the papers are Accessibility, Standards, Preservation, Web 2.0, Openness and Quality Assurance:

A Challenge to Web Accessibility Metrics and Guidelines: Putting People and Processes First, W4A 2012, Apr 2012.
Web Accessibility Metrics For A Post Digital World, RDWG Symposium, W3C WAI, Dec 2011.
Developing Countries; Developing Experiences: Approaches to Accessibility for the Real World, W4A 2010, Apr 2010.
From Web Accessibility To Web Adaptability, Disability and Rehability: Assistive Technology, Volume 4, Issue 4, pages 212 - 226, Jul 2009.
Accessibility 2.0: Next Steps For Web Accessibility, Journal of Access Services, Vol.6 Issue 1 & 2, 2009.
Web Accessibility 3.0: Learning From The Past, Planning For The Future, ADDW08, Sep 2008.
Reflections on the Development of a Holistic Approach to Web Accessibility, ADDW08, Sep 2008.
One World, One Web ... But Great Diversity, W4A 2008, Apr 2008.
Accessibility 2.0: People, Policies and Processes, W4A 2007, May 2007.
Using Context To Support Effective Application Of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Journal of Web Engineering, Issue 4. Vol. 5, 2006.
Contextual Web Accessibility - Maximizing the Benefit of Accessibility Guidelines, W4A 2006, May 2006.
Personalization and Accessibility: Integration of Library and Web Approaches, WWW 2006, May 2006.
Holistic Approaches to E-Learning Accessibility, ALT-J Research in Learning Technology, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 69-78, Mar 2006.
Implementing A Holistic Approach To E-Learning Accessibility, ALT-C 2005 Conference Proceedings, Sep 2005.
Forcing Standardization or Accommodating Diversity? A Framework for Applying the WCAG in the Real World, W4A 2005, May 2005.
Developing A Holistic Approach For E-Learning Accessibility, Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, Vol. 30, Issue 3, 2004.
Openness in Higher Education: Open Source, Open Standards, Open Access, elPub 2007.
Addressing The Limitations Of Open Standards, MW 2007.
A Contextual Framework For Standards, WWW 2006.
A Standards Framework For Digital Library Programmes, ichim05, 2005.
Ideology Or Pragmatism? Open Standards And Cultural Heritage Web Sites, ichim03, 2003.
Approaches To Archiving Professional Blogs Hosted In The Cloud, iPRES 2010, Sep 2010.
Twitter Archiving Using Twapper Keeper: Technical And Policy Challenges/, iPRES 2010, Sep 2010.
Preservation of Web Resources: The JISC PoWR Project, iPRES 2008, Sep 2008.
Archiving Web Site Resources: A Records Management View, WWW 2006, May 2006.
Web 2.0
Empowering Users and Institutions: A Risks and Opportunities Framework for Exploiting the Social Web, Cultural Heritage Online 2009
Time To Stop Doing and Start Thinking: A Framework For Exploiting Web 2.0 Service, MW 2009.
Library 2.0: Balancing the Risks and Benefits to Maximise the Dividends, Program (2009).
Web 2.0: How to Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Addressing Organisational Barriers, MW 2007.
Open Content and Open Events: Professional Development in an Amplified World, Online Information 2011, Nov 2011.
What Does Openness Mean To The Museum Community?, MW 2008, Apr 2008.
Quality Assurance
A Quality Framework For Web Site Quality: User Satisfaction And Quality Assurance, WWW 2005.
A Quality Assurance Framework For Metadata, Library Trends, Volume 53 (4), Spring 2005.
Interoperability Across Digital Library Programmes? We Must Have QA!, ECDL 2004, Sep 2004.
Deployment Of Quality Assurance Procedures For Digital Library Programmes, IADIS 2003, Nov 2003.
Developing A Quality Culture For Digital Library Programmes, EUNIS 2003, Jul 2003.
Approaches To Validation Of Dublin Core Metadata Embedded In (X)HTML Document, WWW 2003, May 2003.

RSS Feeds For Themes

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