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This page contains access to a paper on "Developing a Quality Culture For Digital Library Programmes" which was published in the proceedings of the EUNIS 2003 Conference. The paper was presented at the EUNIS 2003 Conference which was held on 2-4th July 2003 in Amsterdam, Holland.


The paper, which was subsequently published in Informatica, is available in the University of Bath repository.

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Relevant conference topic
Information management and quality control
Developing a Quality Culture For Digital Library Programmes
Authors names, complete affiliations, addresses
Mr Brian Kelly
University of Bath
Ms Marieke Guy
University of Bath
Mr Hamish James
Kings College London
Name of author to be contacted for correspondence
Brian Kelly
E-mail address and fax of contact author
FAX: +44 1225 386838
Short abstract (100 words)
This paper describes approaches for the development of quality assurance procedures which are needed in order to ensure that deliverables from digital library programmes will be interoperable. The adoption of open standards is widely acknowledged as essential in development programmes, but in a distributed development environment which is the basis for many programmes within the educational and research sector, it can be difficult to ensure that programme deliverables actually implement appropriate standards and best practices. The author describes the approaches to the development of a quality culture which is being taken by the JISC in the UK in its development of an Information Environment which seeks to provide seamless access to quality scholarly resources.
A maximum of three keywords which best describe the work
quality assurance, standards, compliance
Appropriate references
Brian has spoken at a number of international conferences, including presenting a paper on "Approaches To The Preservation Of Web Sites" at the Online Information 2002 conference in December 2002, and one on "Automated Benchmarking Of Local Government Web Sites" at the EuroWeb 2001 conference held in Italy in December 2001. He will be giving a presentation on "HTML Is Dead! A Web Standards Update" and taking part in a panel session on "Isn't Web Site Accessibility Too Difficult To Implement?" at the Internet Librarian International 2003 conference which will be held in Birmingham in March 2003. Brian is a regular columnist for the Ariadne e-journal.
A brief CV of authors
Brian Kelly provides the UK Web Focus post, a JISC-funded post which provides advice and support to the UK Higher and Further Education Communities in the area of the Web. Brian is also the project manager for the QA Focus project.
Brian has been involved in Web activities since 1993, when he was involved in setting up one of the first Web sites in the UK Higher Education community. He has been involved in Web activities since then, and has participated in several of the International World Wide Web Conferences, as a member of the programme committee, author of several short papers and conference delegate.
Brian is based in UKOLN - a national centre of excellence in digital information management, based at the University of Bath.

Paper For Informatica


The EUNIS Board of Directors decided to publish some of the best papers presented at the EUNIS 2002 and EUNIS 2003 Conferences in a special issue of Informatica (ISSN 0350-5596). the leading international journal of computing and informatics published in Slovenia. Informatica publishes papers addressing all issues of interest to computer professionals and is surveyed by AI and Robotic Abstracts, AI References, ACM Computing Surveys, Applied Science & Techn. Index, COMPENDEX*PLUS,Computer ASAP, Cur. Cont. & Comp. & Math. Sear., Engineering Index, INSPEC, Mathematical Reviews, Sociological Abstracts, Uncover, Zentralblatt fur Mathematik, Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts, and Cybernetica Newsletter. Prof. Dr. Viljan Mahniè, representative of the Republic of Slovenia to EUNIS, was appointed the guest editor of the aforementioned special issue. After a thorough review 3 papers from EUNIS 2002 and 12 papers from EUNIS 2003 have been selected for publication. The paper Developing a Quality Culture for Digital Library Programmes was amongst those chosen.

The machine-readable copy for publication in Informatica is available below.

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Developing A Quality Culture For Digital Library Programmes, Kelly, B., Guy, M. and James, H., Informatica Vol. 27 No. 3 Oct. 2003. ISSN 0350-5596