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iPres 2010

Approaches To Archiving Professional Blogs Hosted In The Cloud

A paper on "Approaches To Archiving Professional Blogs Hosted In The Cloud" was presented at the iPres 2010 Conference held in Vienna on 19-24 September 2010:

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Kelly, B. and Guy, M. Approaches To Archiving Professional Blogs Hosted In The Cloud. iPRES 2010, 7th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects. Vienna, Austria. 19-24 Sept, 2010. <>


Early adopters of blogs will have made use of externally-hosted blog platforms, such as and, due, perhaps, to the lack of a blogging infrastructure within the institution or concerns regarding restrictive terms and conditions covering use of such services. There will be cases in which such blogs are now well-established and contain useful information not only for current readership but also as a resource which may be valuable for future generations.

The need to preserve content which is held on such third-party services ("the Cloud') provides a set of new challenges which are likely to be distinct from the management of content hosted within the institution, for which institutional policies should address issues such as ownership and scope of content. Such challenges include technical issues, such as the approaches used to gather the content and the formats to be used and policy issues related to ownership, scope and legal issues.

This paper describes the approaches taken in UKOLN, an applied research department based at the University of Bath, to the preservation of blogs used in the organisation. The paper covers the technical approaches and policy issues associated with the curation of blogs a number of different types of blogs: blogs used by members of staff in the department; blogs used to support project activities and blogs used to support events.


Approaches To Archiving Professional Blogs Hosted In The Cloud
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This paper was presented by Marieke Guy in Session 8b on Preserving Web Data on Tuesday, 21 September 2010. The following slides were used. Please note that the slides are also available on Slideshare.

Approaches To Archiving Professional Blogs Hosted In The Cloud
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