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SWORD Project background


SWORD 3 is being managed by Adrian Stevenson (UKOLN)

The project is led by UKOLN


SWORD 2 is being managed by Julie Allinson (University of York) and Adrian Stevenson (UKOLN)

The project is led by UKOLN


Duration: The project ran from 1st March 2007 until 31 August 2007 - extended until 31 October 2007, with case studies following in 2008.

Project description:

SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) will take forward the Deposit protocol developed by a small working group as part of the JISC Digital Repositories Programme by implementing it as a lightweight web-service in four major repository software platforms: EPrints, DSpace, Fedora and IntraLibrary. The existing protocol documentation will be finalised by project partners and a prototype ‘smart deposit’ tool will be developed to facilitate easier and more effective population of repositories. The project intends to take an iterative approach to developing and revising the protocol, web-services and client implementation through evaluative testing and feedback mechanisms. Community acceptance and take-up will be sought through dissemination activities. The project is led by UKOLN, University of Bath, with partners at the Aberystwyth University, the University of Southampton and Intrallect Ltd. The project aims to improve the efficiency and quality of repository deposit and to diversity and expedite the options for timely population of repositories with content whilst promoting a common deposit interface and supporting the Information Environment principles of interoperability.

SWORD is continuing the activities of the the JISC Digital Repository Programme Deposit API working group.

See the Deposit API pages for more information.


  • UKOLN (Adrian Stevenson)
  • University of York (Julie Allinson)
  • EPrints, University of Southampton (Les Carr and Sebastien Francois)
  • Intrallect Ltd. (Martin Morrey and Sarah Currier)
  • Centre for Advanced Software and Intelligent Systems (CASIS), Aberystwyth University (Neil Taylor, Stuart Lewis, Richard Jones and Glen Robson)

Project documents:

Project meetings:


  • SWORD parameters - outlines the parameters/requirements for the SWORD protocol

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