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This brainstorm document makes the following assumptions:

  • Level 0: the repository will support all mandatory parameters
  • Level 1: Repository can configure it’s response to support optional parameters.
  • Mandatory = Level 0
  • Mandatory + Optional = Level 1
  • Description = human-readable text and/or url
  • Extensions in other namespaces must be accepted but may be ignored (e.g. for additional parameters not supported by SWORD).


  • Content:binary CDATA (M) any type of content, constrained only by what a repository supports
  • Format (O) ID-recommended URI - this is over and above the mime-type over http, enables a repository to reject objects
    • does this need a vocabulary of format types?;
    • possible formats: zip, mets, ims cp, mpeg didl, ead etc.
    • gdfr/pronom
  • TransactionID (O) client-generated identifier for the process; if supplied, repository should return it in the response
  • TargetCollection (O)
    • implementation detail: how is this target specified, by url or by parameter
  • Verbose true||false (O)
  • NoOp true||false (O) facility to test protocol without actually posting
  • Checksum (O) checksum for the deposit
  • ChecksumAlgorithm (O) md5 as default
  • TargetOwner (O) identity of user on behalf of whom the deposit is being made, by a mediated human user or machine user agent



  • onBehalfOf TargetUser

how will authentication affect the ExplainRequest? how much is dependent on the authenticated and/or target user?



  • ServerLevel 0||1 1=support all mandatory and optional elements
  • Version 0.1



  • ID (M)
  • Policy (O) description, cdata or url
  • VerboseSupported true||false (O) for developers - verbose response for a human being for testing/programming
  • NoOpSupported true||false (O) for developers, facility to 'simulate' put
  • ChecksumAlgorithmSupported default=none [string]
  • MediationAllowed true||false

Collections (O) recommended authorised collections only

  • ID (O)
  • Name (O)
  • Description (O)
  • Default true||false
  • DescribeFormat (O) list additional format(s) (1..n), need vocabularly for formats - if no formats are listed, the repository may accept anything, retaining the option to reject deposits
    • FormatID (O)
    • FormatDescription (O)
  • TreatmentDescription (O) human-readable description of what the repository will do with a deposit, e.g. will it maintain the exact SIP as deposited
  • CollectionPolicy (O) [description, cdata or url]



  • ServerLevel 0||1
  • Version 0.1


  • TransactionID (O) client-generated identifier for the process
  • IdentifierURI (M) unique identifier for the ingested digital object, may not persist, but it should persist if the ingested object is accepted
    • ObjectURL (O) a locator for the digital object or package
    • DisplayURL (O) a locator for the splash page, jump-off page, metadata record etc.; may not yet resolve to the right thing, e.g. for pending records
  • DepositStatus (M)
    • Accepted (M)
    • Rejected (M)
    • Error (M)
  • ErrorCode (M)
    • ErrorContent (O)
    • ErrorParse (O)
    • ErrorChecksumMismatch (O) required if a checksum is sent
    • ErrorUnknownChecksumAlgorithm (O) required if a checksum is sent
    • ErrorBadRequest (M) where parameters are not understood
    • TargetUserUnknown (M)
    • MediationNotAllowed (M)
  • ErrorDescription (M)
  • TreatmentDescription (M) what the repository has done or may have done with a deposit, e.g. policy applied - can be very simplistic
  • FormatHandled (O)
    • ID 0..n (O)
  • VerboseDescription (O)
  • NoOp true||false (O)
  • Checksum (O)
  • ChecksumType (O) default=MD5