SWORD telephone meeting 2007-06-15

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1) Specification

2) Development & testing


  • Jim Downing
  • Neil Taylor
  • Stuart Lewis
  • Martin Morrey
  • David Flanders
  • Jeff Kahn
  • Julie Allinson


  • some minor corrections to the SWORD profile were suggested

ACTION make changes (JA) DONE (move verbose/noOp to top-level of service document; correct inconsistency in service document examples; add <sword:formatNamespace> as extension to service document)


  • agreed that SWORD profile should avoid format or repository-specific interpretations to allow for usage of the profile in other contexts
  • agreed that the 'display URI' and 'object URI' parameters map to <atom:content src""> and <atom:link rel="edit" href="">

ACTION tidy up section 9.6 to reflect this (JA) DONE


  • agreed that use of formats shouldn't be part of the SWORD profile
  • agreed that proving that a deposit can be made irrespective of whether a repository can do anything with it is sufficient to demonstrate success of SWORD
  • agreed that extending this to support useful acceptance particular formats would be nice
  • agreed that mapping a simple example (file plus metadata) from METS to IMS CP at repository level might be tested during the SWORD project
  • agreed that a list of formats used by partner repositories would be useful
  • agreed that RAMLET work in interesting in this area and could provide a mapping service in future; also work by Raymond Yee
  • agreed that SWORD project is likely to provide recommendations wrt the need for additional community agreement

ACTION create wiki page for format information (JA) DONE

ACTION populate wiki page with format information (All)

ACTION contact Wilbert Kraan re RAMLET (JA)


ORE might help solve some of the 'bundling' issues by providing framework for describing resources, but there's an issue if initial deposit, i.e. before URI assignment


  • ACTION (Intrallect) make available a test version of their software for project partners by 29th June
  • ACTION (CASIS) work on a reference client; draft version to be available by 13th July
  • ACTION (EPrints, DSpace, Fedora developers) implement APP and SWORD support by 31st July
  • agreed that sword mailing list should be used for iterative testing
  • ACTION Circulate details of atom client, atomic (MM)
  • agreed that there may be scope for a end of project 'codebase', perhaps liaising with CETIS, to bring together potential implementers.