Progress report 2008-01

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SWORD : Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit

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Progress report January 2008

  • Workpackage two - technical development is complete. SWORD is implemented in instances of IntraLibrary, Fedora, DSpace and EPrints. A command-line and desktop demonstration client is available, along with an online client. Java code libraries for the DSpace and Fedora installations and demonstration clients are now available through sourceforge, at The EPrints code is available through both sourceforge and
  • Workpackage three - SWORD has commissioned four case studies on arXiv, the SOURCE project, White Rose Research Online and SPECTRa. Authors have been working on the implementations on which the case studies are based, with the studies due in January. Additionally, SWORD have received feedback and comments from others implementing independently indicating a good level of interest from the community.
  • Workpackage four - the SWORD project manager has submitted a proposal for the Open Repositories 2008 conference.
  • Workpackage five - there is now a public SWORD mailing list, made available through Sourceforge - This list has 59 members. Discussions within the project team have identified possibly ways forward for SWORD now that the project is complete. These will be further discussed with JISC and RRT.