Progress report 2007-11

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SWORD : Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit

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Progress report November 2007

  • Workpackage one - the evaluation of existing standards and specification of a deposit protocol are complete. See Progress_report_2007-08. The SWORD profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol was released on October 12th 2007 [1]. This completes work package one.
  • Workpackage two - technical development has been ongoing throughout the last three months, latterly with testing and revisions to the implementations and clients. SWORD is currently implemented in instances of IntraLibrary, Fedora, DSpace and EPrints. A desktop demonstration client is available, along with an online client - and addition to the proposed project outputs. After thorough testing, the clients are complete. Java code libraries for the DSpace and Fedora installations and demonstration clients are being made available through sourceforge, at The EPrints will be available through both sourceforge and Release of these signify the completion of the SWORD technical work package. Release of these materials is imminent - within the first few days of November.
  • Workpackage three - it has been decided that for the user testing work package, SWORD will commission four case studies. We are currently negotiating with four projects to produce case studies documenting experience in implementing SWORD. These include, arXiv, the SOURCE project and SPECTRa. Since this will require additional time for implementation, a deadline of January for final completion of these has been agreed. In addition, Microsoft have already done some work on implementing SWORD and the ICE project in Australia are interested also.
  • Workpackage four - the SWORD project manager will be submitting a proposal for the Open Repositories 2008 conference.
  • Workpackage five - the SWORD project web pages have been updated with progress [2].