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The CRIG is on their Roadshow Right now! To follow them as they make their way accross the States see this feed:

The CRIG will be going on a Roadshow this Summer to promote interoperability of repositories with other services. It will be doing this by setting up a “Developer Lounge” at each of the below conference venues where people will be encouraged to stop by and pitch their innovative technology ideas. The developer team on hand at the lounge (headed up by OR08's Team Mining for ORE [1]) will look to create rapid prototypes of the ideas brought to us on the spot. We are hoping these rapid prototyping moments will help pragmatically identify the interfaces between repositories and other services.

The primary motive of this Roadshow is to interface repositories with other *non-repository* services for the purpose of finding out how repositories can better integrate in the current scholarly landscape. We see the only way of getting involved in this quickly changing service landscape is to –not just talk about it- but start doing it, hence our on-the-spot-rapid-prototyping-developer-lounge where we will hack together services and get real people involved then and there! The conferences we are going to attend cover the wide range of content services that repositories are looking to engage with:

  • eLearning (LMSs/VLEs): OSCELOT and BbWorld – July 12-14 in Las Vegas
  • eScience (BioTech, CompuTech, etc): WorldComp’08 – July 15-18 in Las Vegas
  • eAdministration (CMSs, OPAC, LibCat): EduWeb – July 21-23rd in Atlantic City

We’ll have a finale Roadshow event at the Library of Congress on Friday July 25th where we will bring together some of the good and the great of the repository community to select which of the prototypes present plausible pathways for the future of immediate repository development. This event will be in the style of a Unconference[2] or BarCamp[3] so impromtu development and new ideas can spontaneously happen ("development is always in the now"). Accordingly, we'll be calling this event a RepoCamp (hopefully the first of many)!

Watch this space...more details to come including:

  • Daily podcast and twitters from the Roadshow team
  • Videos of live protoyping: development before your eyes!
  • Pictures of the Repository Interoperability Roadshow

Developer Lounge

The "Developer Lounge" comes from the basic idea that the most important moments that happen at a conference are the ones in-between the never-ending powerpoint sessions. The Developer Lounge gives people (managers, admin and techies) the opportunity to come together face-to-face and not only discuss new ideas but to actually begin developing prototypes so that the ideas can be manifested pragmatically (rather than in a committee room where the implementation pain-points are never considered). CRIG member developers will be on hand to develop prototypes from any and all ideas brought to the Developer Lounge. We will be passing out flyers to any and all at the above conferences to encourage them to stop by the lounge, have a drink and tell us their most innovative ideas. No pressure, just building relationships between communities so future development can happen (the real secret to successful interoperable standards).

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