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DRY your Metadata

DRY, or Don't Repeat Yourself, expresses what we all understand: that writing the same functionality more than once leads to mistakes, which leads to bugs. While bugs don't frighten us, we seek to reduce their kind by any means. Now that the web is truly a platform, our platform, we are already starting to exploit code written elsewhere that we could never hack by ourselves.

An important consequence of the web-as-platform is that we can bring together the local experts (the people running institutional systems) who understand their users' needs, together with the domain experts (the people who can offer services based on expertise). Together we can accomplish a great deal more than just basic descriptive metadata.

This event will focus on remote services which repository adminstrators can exploit to improve the quality of the metadata held in their systems, i.e. think your metadata on steroids! This event will bring together these two groups, for a day of learning, of sharing, of demonstrating and maybe even some coding! And don't forget the eating, drinking and chatting (why we really come to these events ;-).


Event Details

To sign up for this event please email d.flanders a+ or p.walk a+

When is it?

  • Date: Friday 6 June 2008
  • Time:
    • 11:00 - 16:00: DRY your Metadata Workshop
      • For the first part of the day we will be hearing from a few national services & projects which may be of interest to repository/institutional developers. Each service will be represented by someone with technical knowledge of the service. The service representative will be invited to give a (strictly timed) five-minute 'elevator pitch' for their service, designed to catch the interest of the assembled developers. This will be followed by an open Q&A session which will last as long as there are questions forthcoming! This process will be extremely informal - the only rule is the 'five minutes per pitch' rule.
      • The services, and their representatives are immediately below. Note that the order in which these are listed is entirely arbitrary.
    • 16:00 - Late: CRIG Barcamp
      • free beer for whomever joins one of the CRIG intraWorkingGroups (iWG) or starts one of their own.

Where to go?

What to bring?

  • We'll have WiFi, caffeine and food
  • Bring a laptop or other device (if you so choose).
  • Yourself and your ideas

Who is attending?

We encourage anyone to attend who is a Developer or RepoTechie (can read XML) or is an aspiring hacker.

  1. David Flanders (Bloomsbury Colleges)
  2. Paul Walk (UKOLN) - will talk a little about the new IE Demonstrator project
  3. Mark Dewey (UKOLN)
  4. Jim Downing (Cambridge)
  5. Ben O'Steen (Oxford)
  6. Tim Brody (Southampton)
  7. James Reid - will talk a little about the GeoCrossWalk and its RESTful APIs
  8. David Tarrant (Southampton)
  9. Richard Jones (HP Labs)
  10. Daniel Needham - will talk a little about the Names project
  11. Vijay Albuquerque (King's College)
  12. Rob Sanderson (Liverpool)
  13. Ian Ibbotson (Knowledge Integration)
  14. Anu Joseph - will talk a little about the HILT services
  15. Andrew McGregor (JISC)
  16. Peter Cliff (UKOLN, RSP)
  17. John Roberston (JISC-CETIS)
  18. Pete Johnston (Eduserv) - some ideas on RDFa
  19. Sandra Heidecker (London Met)
  20. Ceri Binding(will talk a little about the STAR project (SKOS vocab services)
  21. Stuart Lewis (Aberystwyth) - will talk a little about the Deposit Plait Project
  22. Neil Taylor (Aberystwyth)
  23. Monica Duke (UKOLN)
  24. Scott Wilson (JISC-CETIS)
  25. Jim Rutherford (HP Labs)
  26. Toni Hurst (Open University)

How much?

  • The event, food, drink, WiFi are free
  • Travel will NOT be covered by default for all CRIG members, however if your project budgets cannot cover this trip please email to apply for a CRIG bursary whereby we can cover some or all of your expenses depending on your needs.

Accommodation and Saturday Breakfast/Lunch