CRIG ReST Workshop

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  • When: Friday February 8th 2008, start: 10.30am
  • Where: Birkbeck College, Bloomsbury London, map here (building no. 1)[1]
    • Room: George Birkbeck Bar (on 4th Floor)
  • Why: The CRIG as identified in the CRIG Unconference identified a series of scenarios and challenges [2] that repositories faced for cross-platform interoperability. ReST was the first API metodology to be identified that could potentially lead to greater interoperability of services and tools for repository interfaces. This workshop was the first to explore this possibility.
  • How Much: Free (including the pizza and beverages!)
    • CRIG members (and invited guests) had their travel expenses reimbursed (receipts necessary).
  • Other:
    • The event was recorded and pictures were taken.


  • 10.30am Start (An earlier start for WiFi set-up for those who had not previously attended Birkbeck)
    • WiFi Access:
  1. use the "bbk-wam" network
  2. upon opening a browser a splash page will come up.
  3. click the "guest" tab and follow instruction explicitly
  4. u: repdev p: febconf1
  • 11.00am Presentation: Using the ReST API in Fedora the past six months (Matt Zumwalt)
  • 12.30 Lunch and working group formations
  • 13.30 Working Groups
  • 15.00 Mini Presentations of conclusions:
  • 15.45: Moving Forward Discussion (Matt Zumwalt)
  • 16.30 Wrap-up of workshop day...
    • Don't forget to give your receipts and reimbursement form to Ayesha / Aliyah prior to leaving!
  • 17.00 To the pub for drinks and discussion (at George Birkbeck Bar).
  • See you at OR08 April 1st for the Repository Challenge!


  1. Daisy Abbott, d.abbot [at]
  2. Kåre Fiedler Christiansen, kfc [at]
  3. Jim Downing, jim.downing [at]
  4. Richard Green, [at]
  5. Mark Hedges, mark.c.hedges [at]
  6. Mahendra Mahey, mmorrey [at]
  7. Andreas Mavrides, andreas.mavrides [at]
  8. Peter Millington, Peter.Millington [at],
  9. Martin Morrey, mmorrey [at]
  10. Wilbert Kraan, w.g.kraan [at]
  11. Simon Lamb, s.lamb [at]
  12. Srija Rajbhandari, shrija_r [at]
  13. Christian Tønsberg, cht [at]
  14. Andi Aschenbrenner
  15. Chris Awre
  16. Les Carr
  17. Mark Dewey
  18. Richard Jones
  19. Ben O'Steen
  20. Paul Walk
  21. Matt Zumwalt
  22. Ian Ibbotson, ian.ibbotson [at]
  23. David F. Flanders