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Upcoming demo - ECDL 2009

A list of accepted posters and demos are available here.

JISC Conference 2009

Above images © 2009 Andrew Hewson

A demo of the IEMSR schema registry, together with the toolset (including a desktop GUI for schema/vocabulary creation and Web software for browsing) took place at the 2009 JISC conference in Edinburgh. Various prototypes based around the IEMSR endpoint were also demonstrated.

2006-2007: Phase 2 demos

Presentation and slides may be found at the Phase 2 website.

Demonstrations are available both for the web server and for the desktop client.

Also related is a short presentation used as part of the Phase 2 demonstrations:

Leaflets and publicity - back to top

Various resources used for dissemination purposes are to be found here.

A short leaflet describing the architecture and current state of the IEMSR,
"A five-minute introduction to IEMSR":

Briefing papers - back to top

A briefing paper describing the background of metadata and registry development,

A short briefing paper focusing on metadata

Papers & Articles - back to top

Emma Tonkin and Alexey Strelnikov, "Spinning a Semantic Web for Metadata: Developments in the IEMSR", Ariadne, Issue 59 (April 2009)
HTML: http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue59/tonkin-strelnikov/

Emma Tonkin, "Between Symbol and Language-In-Use" CIR-07
HTML: http://wwwsi.supelec.fr/bld/CIR-07/paper.html

Pete Johnston, "What are your terms?" Ariadne, Issue 43 (April 2005)
HTML: http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue43/johnston/

Presentations - back to top

Introduction in Information Environment Metadata Scheme Registry (IEMSR)
Alexey Strelnikov and Em Tonkin, given during JISC Conference 2009
PDF: Introduction IEMSR.pdf

Vocabulary management and evolution for the digital cultural heritage sector.
Em Tonkin, given during Intelligent Access to Digital Heritage 2007, October 2007.
Abstract [HTML]: http://conference2007.kul.ee/eng/prog/Kokkuvotted#vocabularyevolution
PDF: Tallinn-20071018.pdf

Dublin Core Registry Community
Given during the Metadata Open Forum, New York, July 2007.
PowerPoint 2000: Dublin Core.ppt
PDF: Dublin Core.pdf

Designing a shared representation
Em Tonkin, National Centre for E-Social Science workshop on Building Ontologies for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Manchester, 23 March 2007
HTML: IEMSR Presentation.html
Powerpoint 2000: IEMSR Presentation.ppt

Pilot demonstrations
Damian Steer and Emma Tonkin, Static versions of demos given in the summer of 2006
HTML: Pilot demonstrations

The JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry and IEEE LOM Application Profiles
Pete Johnston, CETIS Metadata & Digital Repositories SIG, University of Liverpool, 30 June 2004
HTML: CETIS Liverpool.hmtl
Powerpoint 2000: CETIS Liverpool.ppt

Supporting eLearning with metadata repositories and semantic web technologies
Dave Beckett, ALT Labs Group SIG, HP Labs, Bristol, 6 July 2004
HTML: 2004-2006 Labs.html

The JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry
Pete Johnston & Simon Price, Presentation version of demo at JISC Joint Programmes Meeting, Brighton, 6-7 July 2004
Powerpoint 2000: JISC JPM.ppt

Metadata Application Profiles and the JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry
Pete Johnston, IEMSR Project Meeting, Bristol, 23 November 2004
HTML: Maps IEMSR.html
Powerpoint 2000: Maps IEMSR.ppt

JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry: Technical Update
Dave Beckett, IEMSR Project Meeting, Bristol, 23 November 2004
HTML: IEMSR Client.html
Powerpoint 2000: IEMSR Client.ppt

IEMSR, the Information Environment and Metadata Application Profiles
Pete Johnston, IEMSR Workshop 1, Bath, 15 March 2005
Powerpoint 2000: IEMSR MAPs.ppt

The JISC Infomation Environment Metadata Schema Registry
Rachel Heery, Eighth International Open Forum on Metadata Registries (Open Forum 2005), Berlin, April 11-14 2005
HTML: Day3 Track 1 IEMSR.html
Powerpoint 2000: Day3 Track 1 IEMSR.ppt

Metadata Schema Registries, Metadata Application Profiles and the Information Environment
Pete Johnston, JISC Development Team Meeting, London, 18 April 2005
HTML: JISC Development.html
Powerpoint 2000: JISC Development.ppt

The JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry & Metadata Application Profiles
Pete Johnston, British Library, Boston Spa, 24 May 2005
HTML: British Library.html
Powerpoint 2000: British Library.ppt

Posters - back to top

Emma Tonkin, Heather Pfeiffer, Andrew Hewson, "An evidenced-based approach to collaborative ontology development"
WMM2010. PDF WMM 2010-poster.pdf

Emma Tonkin, "MetRe: Supporting the Metadata Revision Process"
JCDL 2009. PDF: IEMSR-Poster-JCDL09.pdf

Emma Tonkin, Alex Strelnikov, "Information Environment Metadata Schema Registry"
JISC RP meeting 2009. PDF: RPmeetingMay09.pdf

Emma Tonkin, "A user-centred approach to metadata design"
Proceedings of ECDL 2007. PDF: 15104123830q8251.pdf

The JISC Metadata Schema Registry
JCDL, Denver, Colorado, USA, 7-11 June 2005
PDF: p181-heery.pdf

The JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry
JISC Joint Programmes Meeting, Cambridge, 7-8 July 2005
Powerpoint 2000: iemsr-jpm.ppt
PDF: iemsr-jpm.pdf

The JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry
JISC Joint Programmes Meeting, Brighton, 6-7 July 2004
Powerpoint 2000: iemsr-jpm.ppt
PDF: iemsr-jpm.pdf