JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Phase 2 WP3: Registry Development

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The aim of Work Package 3 is to specify priorities for the development of the IEMSR software components and to carry out that development accordingly.


Technical Work

There are several parts to the technical work in this WP:

  1. Continued development of the schema creation desktop client
  2. Continued development of the registry data server
  3. Continued development of the registry website server

Development Process

The IEMSR work is done as Open Source software development using SourceForge to provide the code CVS and release support. The IEMSR work is done in the SourceForge schemas project which hosts the CVS repository and provides live browsing of the CVS for the source code and checking out of IEMSR sources from CVS.

All the software can be retrieved from the schemas SourceForge site in the files area.

Technical developers on Phase 2 of the project: Damian Steer (DS) and Emma Tonkin (ET).