Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?

This page contains details of the audio recordings (or Podcasts) which supported the workshop.


Podcast No. 1 - About The Podcasts
A brief description about Podcasting and what it can offer the event.
Released on Sunday 12th June 2005. (2 minutes 30 seconds)
[MP3 file, 1.5 Mb]
Podcast No. 2 - About The Workshop
A brief summary of the workshop, including an overview of the structure of the event an a summary of the main features.
Released on Monday 13th June 2005. (5 minutes)
[MP3 file, 2.8 Mb]
Podcast No. 3 - Technical Infrastructure at IWMW
A brief description of the technical infrastructure which will be available at this year's IWMW event.
Released on Wednesday 15 June 2005. (5 minutes)
[MP3 file, 3.2 Mb]
Podcast No. 4 - Social Events at IWMW 2005
A brief description of the social events (including the reception at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester) and the Manchester night life, including the pubs and restaurants which delegates may wish to visit at this year's IWMW event.
Released on Saturday 25 June 2005. (6 minutes 50 seconds)
[MP3 file, 3.8 Mb]


If you have access to a Podcast client you should add the IWMW 2005 Podcast RSS feed to the client. Any new Podcasts will then be added automatically to your MP3 player.

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Additional Podcast

In addition to these Podcasts, a recording of one of the plenary talks has been made available as a Podcast (and as a multimedia presentation in SMIL format).

Podcast No. 5 - Customers, Suppliers, and the Need for Partnerships
Stephen Emmott's plenary talk on "Customers, Suppliers, and the Need for Partnerships".
[MP3 file, 12.6 Mb]
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Last modified: 21st November 2005