Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
Quality Matters
CMS: Challenging the Consensus

Debate 1: CMS: Challenging the Consensus

This page provides details of the debate on "CMS: Challenging the Consensus".

CMS: Challenging the Consensus
Mike McConnell, University or Aberdeen, Iain Middleton, Robert Gordon University, Piero Tintori, CEO of TERMINALFOUR and Stephen Pope, Eduserv
Miles Banbery, Web Editor, University of Kent

In previous IMWMWs sessions have focussed on issues such as:

But last year it was claimed that "There is no such thing as a silver bullet" and that a CMS will not solve all your problems. Has the CMS bubble bust? Has content management become content mis-management? In the light of new approaches, such as Web 2.0, and new 'ways of doing things' is there a feeling of disillusionment with 'ye old CMS'? Or does a CMS remain the backbone of a good institutional Web site?

In this debate you will hear the arguments for and against content management systems and will have an opportunity to express your views.

This debate took place from 09:00-09:45 Friday 16th July 2005.


Slides (For CMS)
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Slides (Against CMS)
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