Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
Quality Matters

This page contains news about the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) 2006.

Several of the slides from the plenary talks have been made available on the service using the tag 'iwmw2006'.
An 'At the Event' article, written by Adrian Stevenson, on the 10th Institutional Web Management Workshop, has now been published in the Ariadne Web Magazine.
Dadenlimited, sponsors of this year's event, have now created Lillian, a natural language library interface and library 2.0 mash-up for the Talis Mashing Up The Library competition.
Feedback from Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006 is now available.
Photographs from IWMW 2006 which are held on Flickr using the IWMW-2006 tag are now availablle.
Extra benchmarking statistics have now been added to the presentation (PDF format) for the Sector Statistics Plenary.
The IWMW 2006 Blogs page provides access to three Blogs taken during the IWMW 2006 event together with links to Blog postings about the event.
Information about the Talis competition announced by Paul Miller in the Web 2.0 panel session, is available. This competition, which provides an opportunity to build better systems on top of library data and to demonstrate the value and the power of libraries, has a prize of £1,000.
Information about the IWMW 2006 Frappr social network is now available. IWMW 2006 participants are invited to join.
All plenary speaker's presentations are now available from the IWMW 2006 Web site. See relevant abstracts for links.
As part of the evaluation of collaborative technologies a plenary talk and a panel session at IWMW 2006 will be available on the Access Grid. Please contact your local Access Grid support team if you would like to participate.
At IWMW 2006 as a pilot a number of the plenary talks are being made available over the Web using streaming video. Feel free to listen in.
Information on IWMW 2006 blogs is now available.
An experimental Web-based chat service called Gabbly will be available for use during selected sessions at the IWMW 2006 event.
Adrian Stevenson has put together an IWMW 2006 Blog entitled Web Idol. He will be adding blogs throughout the workshop. Any other interested bloggers are invited to get in touch with the IWMW 2006 team.
The IWMW 2006 Wiki is now available for delegates to create content in advance of the workshop.
Information about the IWMW series of events has been added to Wikipedia in order to provide a widely accessible factual summary of the workshop series.
A Creative Commons licence has been provided for the IWMW 2006 Publicity page to enable workshop publicity to be more easily reused by third parties.
For those interested in Web 2.0 technologies information on use of microformats and tags on the IWMW 2006 Web site is now available.
Delegate information on venue, registration, travel, accommodation and other aspects of the workshop is now available.
Bookings are now closed for the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006.
As an example of embedding a Web 2.0 service in a Web site we are pleased to announce that a Google Map has been embedded in the IWMW 2006 Web site.
UKOLN is pleased to announce that a QA For Web handbook will be provided to participants at the Institutional Web Management Workshop. The printing costs for the handbook have been covered by the handbook sponsors: Infrae, TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images), BOS (Bristol Online Services) and UKOLN.
A UKOLN Open Forum will be held on Wednesday 14th June from 10.00-12.00, prior to the official opening of the Institutional Web Management Workshop. The Open Forum will provide an opportunity to hear about some of the wider activities UKOLN is involved in. IWMW 2006 participants are invited to join the Open Forum.
Brian the Brain, the Institutional Web Management Workshop's very own Chatbot, is now available to people to talk to.
This year we are syndicating much of the content of the Web site. A page on RSS and OPML technologies is now available
Details are now available of the Netskills course on Database Design and SQL to be held on Tuesday 13th June 2006 at the University of Bath. This course is an ideal warm up for the Institutional Web Management Workshop.
Delegates can now book for Parallel Sessions. Details of all the parallel sessions are available in a single page for printing purposes.
Details of the IWMW 2006 Social Events and pub and restaurant listings have been added to the Web site.
Messages were sent to web-support and website-info-mgt JISCMail lists informing people that the online booking form is now live.
Bookings for the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006 are now open.
Nedstat launch their Sector Stats programme to be presented at IWMW 2006.
Nedstat have agreed to be Gold sponsors of the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006.
Added IWMW 2006 announcement to the UKOLN home page.
Sent IWMW 2006 announcement and call for speakers to the web-support JISCMail list.
Sent IWMW 2006 announcement and call for speakers to the website-info-mgt JISCMail list.
The Workshop theme name 'Quality Matters' is added to the IWMW 2006 Web site.
Sitemeter web counter is added to the IWMW2006 Web page.
The IWMW 2006 workshop will be held at the University of Bath on 14-16th June 2006.
The IWMW 2006 Web site was launched.

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