Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
Quality Matters
Maps For IWMW 2006

About Google Maps For IWMW

The Google Maps service is being evaluated as a way of providing a rich and customisable mapping service for use by IWMW 2006 delegates. In addition to provciding a service to IWMW 2006 participants, this mapping service also provides a test bed to support UKOLN's interests in evaluation of emerging new technologies.

Using Google Maps

If your browser supports JavaScript, a map of the University of Bath will be shown below.

View Larger Map


If the map is not displayed you can access the map on Google Maps (held remotely).

University of Bath, Claverton Down Note the coordinates are 51.378156076494754,-2.3296165466308594.

Note that the map does not appear to be working in the Internet Explorer browser.

Google Maps And Microformats

In addition to use of JavaScript to embed the map in the page the geospatial coordinates of the University of bath are also embedded using microformats.

A map showing the University of Bath, Claverton Down (coordinates 51.378156076494754;-2.3296165466308594) can be generated by processing the following data:

<span class="location vcard">
 <span class="fn org">University of Bath</span>,
 <span class="street-address">Claverton Down</span>
 <abbr class="geo adr" title="51.378156076494754;-2.3296165466308594">(coordinates 51.378156076494754;-2.3296165466308594)		

Brian Suda's XSLT service for processing microformats has been extended to provided support an experimental geospatial microformat. You can try it.

Limitations Of Google Maps

Our experimentation has indicated the following limitations:

Further Information On Embedding Google Maps

Further information on embedding Google Maps in Web pages is available from the Google Maps API page.

Also note that a good example of use of Google Maps in the UK higher education sector is provided by Northumbria University.

Alternatives To The Embedded Google Maps

If the embedded Google Maps is not available a number of alternatives are available: