UKOLN Advertising On The Network

JUSW - July 2000

A workshop session on Advertising On The Network was given at the JANET User Support Workshop held at the University of Cambridge on 4-6th July 2000.

The workshop took place from 17.00-18.30 on Wednesday 5th July in the Garden Room.


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Many commercial web sites are funded by adverts. Many Universities are now considering generating revenue by hosting adverts. But is this permitted by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy? If it is, is it desirable to do so? What types of advertising are there? What are the dangers in providing advertising? If the dangers are surmountable, how should one go about implementing advertising? This discussion group session will attempt to address these issues.

Proposed Structure

The following timetable was proposed:

Introduction to session (BK)
What participants want from the session (BK/All)
Brainstorming session (in groups). What can we gain from advertising (in its broadest sense, so can include other forms of income generation)? What options are there? (e.g. banner ads, sponsorship deals, affiliate programs, use of Beenz and other Internet currencies, non-network aspects such as screensavers, mousemats, etc.)
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Report Back from groups (Rapporteurs)
"Perspective From A JISC Service" Simon Jennings will talk about the approaches to income generation which the RDN are taking. (5 mins talk, 5 mins questions)
"History of the JANET AUP" Shirley Wood reviews the history of the JANET Acceptable Use Policy, and summaries the current status. (5 mins talk, 5 mins questions)
Implementing Advertising Within Our Institution. Based on the possibilities which have emerged and knowledge of the current status of the JANET AUP, discussion groups will now look at (a) the dangers of introducing advertising and (b) implementation issues.
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The Cambridge Manifesto. Produce report for:
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Additional Deliverable

An article on "Advertising On The Network", based on the workshop, was published in the Vine magazine produced by LITC, SBU.