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Implementation Issues

Aims Of This Exercise

Based on the possibilities which have emerged and knowledge of the current status of the JANET AUP, discussion groups will now look at (a) the dangers of introducing advertising and (b) implementation issues.


2.1 The Dangers of Introducing Advertising

In your discussion groups spend some time discussing dangers and pitfalls associated with the introduction of advertising within your institutions.







2.2 Implementing Advertising Within Our Institution

In the light of the dangers which have been identified, the final discussion group session will address the implementation and deployment issues of advertising within our institutions.

Discuss how, within your institutions, you would deploy advertising. Please cover the following topics:

        The groups and bodies within your institutions who would need to be involved.

        The processes needed to engage these groups in any decision-making or implementation processes.

        The groups and bodies outside your institution who would need to be involved.

        The ways in which you would contact and liaise with such groups.

        How your institutional business case would be produced.

        Any other relevant issues.