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Advertising On The Network

A paper on "Advertising On The Network", written by Brian Kelly was published in a special issue of Vine on electronic commerce (published in June 2000, issue 120, ISSN 0305-5728).

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"Advertising on the Network", Brian Kelly, (000, VINE, Vol. 30. Issue: 3, pp. 28 - 34.


Can Universities advertise on their institutional Web site? What forms can advertising take? What are the dangers associated with advertising? This article addresses these issues.

Call for Papers

The original call for paper follows.

E-COMMERCE : Call for papers

VINE, published quarterly by LITC, at South Bank University London, is a respected journal covering all IT applications in libraries and information services. VINE's aim is to publish informative, well-researched writing that will be of immediate practical use to its busy, influential readership. Each issue is an overview of a particular topic. We are planning issue 120 on Electronic commerce.

This might encompass:

  1. Information service as buyer: affects of electronic commerce on acquisitions, e.g. use of Internet to purchase books or documents.
  2. Information service as seller: selling of information services (such as texts, images) through the Internet (taking orders and /or receiving payments).
  3. Economic models of funding Internet services (e.g. advertising).
  4. Running a virtual ISP.
  5. Legal, security and privacy issues.
  6. IPR trading / metadata issues.
  7. General articles on the relevance of electronic commerce trends to libraries and other information services.