[UKOLN] Follett Lecture Series

Organised by UKOLN on behalf of JISC

This series of lectures developed from an idea put forward by members of the JISC's Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology, with the aim of raising awareness of international developments and issues relating to the electronic library, and stimulating further discussion. Beginning in May 1994 with a paper given at the University of Aston by Clifford Lynch, then of the University of California, the final lecture took place at the University of Leicester in March 1997 with a presentation by Peter Graham of Rutgers University Library. The series featured 11 speakers giving a total of 13 lectures. Venues ranged across the United Kingdom, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, Derry City, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Leicester.

The Follett Report

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Follet Lectures

in reverse chronological order

Peter S. Graham, Associate University Librarian, Rutgers University Libraries, New Jersey
Building the Digital Research Library: Preservation and Access at the Heart of Scholarship
19th March 1997
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Carla J. Stoffle , Dean of Libraries, University of Arizona
The Emergence of Education and Knowledge Management as Major Functions of the Digital Library
13th November 1996
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Sheila D. Creth, University of Iowa
The Electronic Library: Slouching towards the future (or: Creating a new information environment)
25th and 30th September 1996
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Richard Lucier, University Librarian, University of California, San Francisco
The University as Library
6th June 1996
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Miriam Drake, Georgia Institute of Technology
Information, Librarians and Learning: The Challenges Ahead
5th March 1996
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Bill Arms, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Digital Library Research in the United States
11th September 1995
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Michael Lesk, Bellcore, USA
Why Digital Libraries?
19th June 1995
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Colin Steele, University Librarian, the Australian National University in Canberra
New Romances or Pulp Fiction? Do Libraries and Librarians have an Internet Future?
24th and 26th April 1995
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Paul Evan Peters, Executive Director, CNI
The Life of the Mind in a World Transformed by Networks and Digital Libraries
20th September 1994
[Full Paper]

Peter Lyman, University Librarian, The University of Southern California
Designing the Global Reference Room
9th June 1994
[Full Paper]

Clifford Lynch, University of California
The Role of Libraries in the Networked Information Age
9th June 1994
Introduced by: David Fuljames, Librarian, University of Wolverhampton.
Venue: University of Aston

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